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  • Uhh nothing much, i could've gone to smashmaina but my dad bullcraped me and i got no ride, so i was just practiceing with my crew online
    gotta a facebook?, smashboards is kinda a slow process
    I don't lol... maybe I'll make one but I'm not to fond of facebook.
    You going to Yolo on Saturday, and did you see larry lurr bodied zenyou with thi sick fastfall fair combos?
    hey & no not yet.. i will be moving out there soon... i need to get my money right first but i should be out there by oct or nov... we'll see. but yea how yall doing?
    i am not a no lifer and check on my inbox every time like you! we'll just talk when you get back since your phone fails too
    I have a test thursday and other johns T_T, so I can't. But next time a group wants to go to a hobo I'll come and we'll win doubles!!
    i know. i agree. so putting a limit is dumb because they will be killed before they reach the limit anyways.
    hes just some guy from my town that i trained to be unrealistically gay even if he's losing
    Better for humans doesn't necessarily mean best seeing as best is a subjective word.

    It's better for warnings because it's what we're conditioned to believe. Without learning yellow means caution, green means go, and red means stop, they'd still be just colors. XD It was just an example anyways.
    Anyone in "omar" is basically either a bad TO because they're saying they'd never change their stance no matter what, or is just spouting empty words.

    You can if you want though :p
    i havent heard of any sponsorship stuff for the japanese... i would like to see brood go actually. **** olimar like the west has never seen. reckon he might just take the tourney.
    for whom? bombsoldier? yeah he wont be going. unless he gets some sponsorship or something...
    Ike's legal in low tiers? Hmm. We'll see how that goes, then, provided that I attend the tourney.
    Yeah I'll see if I can come. I'll rig the bracket against my favor and still outplace you.
    You live in El Paso! :OOOOO
    I had lived there for eight years before moving here to the EC last year. I loved it and miss it. ;-; You don't see many El Pasoans here on SWF.....
    Sounds like a plan then. Ill give you my number then its (210) 317-1478. keep in touch so I know whats going on.
    well, im not 100% that i need to be there.

    i can let u know by tuesday at the latest
    ok, ill just find out from him, i enjoy doubles more than singles so missing singles is no big for me
    I was planning on teaming with roy for low tiers so you're good on that.

    although I have a tech rehearsal that day til 4, i may be able to get out of it, but just in case im not sure if they're going to do singles first or not
    Yo, would you be able to youtube the phxdragon54/jet4 (Falco/G&W) vs. Wobbles/Jar'd (Wario/Snake) rounds (round 1 missing)? They're saved on your Wii. Thanks.
    So how many people in total? how many are doing brawl? :D
    Did I answer your math problem correctly?
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