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  • Gotcha. It's cool, I understand.

    As for Pikas not seeming to like you...... it's probably because you have sort of an ESAM-esque attitude (although he's been a lot better lately, hehe) that rubs people the wrong way, especially since nobody really knows who you are/how good you are. *shrug* Just my 2 cents.
    ? Okay.

    I was kinda hoping you'd take the MU thread, but I'll find someone else.
    Dunno if you read the social, so:

    Dropping mod in a few days, and I'm giving away the directory, the matchup thread (the stickied one), and the social. Lemme know if you want any of them, particularly one of the first two.
    Yo, do you know of a way to gimp diddy if he is recovering from an angle? Would waiting for him to launch and then jump off the ledge bair work?
    Sounds great. I loved your manly style. XP
    I'm still anti-ban, but to be honest, it'll be nice for Tink to have a chance ^^
    OH! Didn't realize you're him. That would explain your one group. lol
    Um...I don't really play wifi, but I could if you wanted a match I guess. Other than that, CO has some decent tournaments coming up that might be worth traveling to. Other than that, next time CO comes down I'll actually go with them =]

    BTW...that stuff...is fun.
    Hmm...I've heard of you before, and I've prolly seen you...
    What do you look like/ who do you play?
    Tim's have a smashfest tomorrow. Play me there?
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