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  • Didn't get a chance to read the whole thread, cause I'm about to go to a smashfest, but generally trolling is going to be something mean spirited (like Xaltis's post.)

    General silliness is acceptable. If you have issue with a moderator's infraction, pm them about it, or vm them about it. Just contact them somehow. It is a little funny because it's at a moderator's discretion, but I hope you can see the difference between Xaltis' post and my posts. (And if you can't maybe that's my bias.)
    Your core, actually. If you're shovelling with your arms you either have a really short shovel or are doing it wrong. Your arms don't actually move, just your waist!
    I've been snowed in at my house, and some of the video clips I need require two people. We have 4 ft snow drifts here. I just got done shoveling my driveway and I could have buried myself vertically in one of the hills I made and no one would know
    better for humans doesn't mean its better seeing for humans lol?

    actually its exactly what it means if we weren't conditioned to see them as warnings then we would simply see them better than other colors.
    just so you know green is better than blue because humans have evolved to see the green/yellow spectrum better. It's the reason stop lights are green and yellow its the reason ambulances are yellow i think even some new fire trucks are becoming yellow.

    a green warning sign would be safer than blue and i think everything else about colors would be subjective but not safety XD
    Hey Tommy, are you actually going to that crappy Miami tournament on 12/4? If so do you think that you can scoop me from FIU?
    If you host a tournament, don't do it 12/4. I want free money from the Miami one. Host it 12/5!
    Hey add me to the list of people coming to your Smashfest.... I'm bringin BlazBlue instead of DFEAR cuz he only has PS3 version.
    Actually, I do have school Friday. But I can still go soon after school.

    OK, so if I understand correctly, I first drive over to Snipa's house, pick him up (and anyone else that wants to go), then drive over to you?

    So... what should I do? I mean, I myself am not confident enough in my own abilities as a driver to drive all the way up there. But, if you say that it's fine, then I guess I can at least try...

    Wait, are you coming down to Snipa's house then going back up again with me? >.>

    Hey man, it's that one Snake guy you friendly at last gigs, I wanted to friendly your Falco if u recall?? but we did a Falcon-snake first and then we had to exit the game for a tournament match T_T anyways

    check this Tourney thread up, you may be interested in going:

    Mini Mic is now our full time designated mod. That was a strange choice if you ask me, but oh well we'll have to live with it.
    remember Pierres little cousin, Bryant

    yeah just checking the ranking tourneys here and all tht and man u rly do play as much as u say u do
    thts sick keep it up!! :D
    Leaving a note in case I'm gone before you go back to the chatbox. I've made all the Falco board regulars that have come on members, so we can distinguish them from any randomers that come.
    Xat chatboxes seem to work quite well, seeing as nobody needs to really register for anything except for the host. I must the only Smashboarder without aim lol >_<, I do msn. I'm on the mirc chat right now though, if you wanna discuss this on there?
    Hey, the new Falco chat thing is cool. I think we should designate times for when we can go there for certain discussions like matchups. It'll make things move much faster on the boards. Whaddya think?
    hey everybody i am going 2 try 2 hav a super smash bros brawl tournament at scorpico in sunset place its a mall in south miami fl and if your like me and u live by flagler and u had 2 drive 2 realy far places now u dont have 2 worry itz smash pocalypse!!!!!

    the 24 saturday 5701 sunset drive south miami,fl 33134 telephone of scorpico 305-669-4577 located on the second floor,close 2 jonny rockets........ my cell 786-222-2498


    10$ single
    20$ for doubles 10$ for each partner

    I'll come out with more info later and wat the prize iz 4 the winner single and doubles....... we need as many people as we could get so we can host plz come on down 2 smash pocalypse!!!!
    I'm sorry then. No hard feelings?

    Personally I think Marth vs. Falco is 60:40 in Marth's favor, as does the rest of the Marth Boards. Marth can out-zone Falco and canot be CG'ed, taking away one of Falco's best techniques.
    Marth vs. Falco is not 55-45. I saw you also post that Falco vs. G&W is even or in Falco's favor. What? Seriously, reality check yourself right now.
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