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DJ Arcatek
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  • Hey Arcatek, we just played on For Glory (Steele). Let's exchange FC ; You definitely taught me a few things - 1521-5049-6323

    My both me and billy.
    You may also not ask if you passed.

    If or when the time comes, you'll know.

    And remember .. the FBC is something every smasher would want to be a part of. It's been a crew for years. It's a privilege.
    The **** boi crew aka the FBC is an invitation only group. The name was first a joke amongst our friends as our friends group and slowly wr began to accept our title. Now we embrace it.

    To be part of the FBC, you must get drunk with me and the crew and party with us at least once.

    Then the crew can decide your coolness.
    Hey this is Shawdy the Link main. You may remember me as the big white kid with the Jesus beard (lol) who money matched you at the last Zp on July 28th. Nick Riddle might be taking me to your house tomorrow for the smashfest, but the problem is that I may need your address because my parents are feeling uncomfortable with me getting in the ar with him, which tbh I don't know why. iS there any way that I can get your address by tomorrow afternoon so I can know if I will be able to come over tomorrow?
    i WOULD, but i have mad hmwk, although its hmwk i can do while on aim lol, so i might actually
    so is it a comedy?

    my favorite comedy, though i'm not done watching it, is nichijou.
    azumanga daioh was also good but nichijou is just so funny
    someone imitating Victorique.

    who is from an anime I've never watched but I saw the laughing scenes
    Yep. I'll stop by your hotel room for sure. Are you going to be drinking or no?
    pika g&w is like even =[ but yeah I understand you using him on CPs (and in doubles, too!)
    What matchups are you looking to use him for? And if you do this, all of your chars lose to ICs D=
    It's weird that you're picking up a new character this late in the metagame and it's not metaknight lol.
    Okay. Although if they end up doing this Mid-Tier Singles thing, I might not enter Doubles because I am literally almost broke, I have like $34. And I am going to be saving that for the next ZP.

    Door Fee: $5
    Singles: $10
    Mid-Tier: $5 or $10, most likely $5
    Food: $5-$10

    So that's at least $25, so yeah like I said if they have the Mid-Tier I won't enter Doubles.

    Again I will see, no worries, no stress. But Definitely I will see you at the next ZP. =D
    We gotta play this time, it has been a while. ^_^
    Hmmmm. I will see I told Albert I would team with him. IDK. I will talk to Albert.
    hey I won't have my car this weekend, So I can't drive to ZP, much less pick you up :/


    I would If I could
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