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  • I figured seing as we both have a smashboards, might as well friend you. The rest of the team has a skype group.
    We need to play some brawl, dude. CSprings style. Not anymore this summer cuz i'll be in a giant cast but you get the idea
    Yo 8Bitman, this is PortCity, that diddy kong player that you gamed with at Zeroping last winter. I'm coming back up to Ft. Lauderdale for about a week starting from next Wednesday until the following Friday. Besides the tourney in Orlanda this weekend, do you know of anytime Miami / Ft. L people are getting together to play?
    hey dude, MAKE SURE you bring AT LEAST Bunnyma

    i havent seen him in almost 2yrs and tell him imma be hella salty if hes not there >__>
    I still need to organize everything, everyone's clips are all over the place and I'm having a hard time sorting them out :[ I have replays on my wii, files that need to be cut, and footage on youtube that needs to be downloaded and cut. I just started to work on this thing and I realized how much work it actually is. Plus I've never done a video with "names" before so I still need to figure out how I'm going to do that. All I'm saying is don't hold your breath, I made my previous combo vids in a time when I had lots of time on my hands. Anyway I'll see what I can do.
    I just brought up your replays on my wii and recorded a few of them but then I realized I don't have the email you sent me anymore. I don't ever remember deleting it or why I would but could you maybe look in your "sent" folder and resend it please?
    It's not up yet but tommy has a thread for his thing this upcoming weekend same venue so check that out
    Nah, I recorded everything I had. Either way, I'm not at my house anymore, I'm at college with no recording thing, so I can't record.
    I forgot my wii in Xaltis' bag after KTAR so I can't record anything. D:

    I'll probably try and have him give them to ESAM

    Thanks! I shouldn't have any problems except that when I put them on my SD card they'll probably end up all over the place between the 300 or so replays I currently have -__- But I'll figure it out. Hopefully I'll look through them sometime later this week.

    I'll try to keep posting every now and then but people can get hella lazy so we need to message them about it. Some people just dropped their replays and then left, like golden psycho and themike. =\
    Well, after the dair, nothing else is really followable is it? Ive played with that variation some before. Just trying to find something big and legit with it
    I would watch them on the wii. And I have a cheap capture card that I borrowed from my ex roomie in order for me to upload it to youtube or just simply watch on my PC so I can pause, rewind, etc..
    And yeah, I'll have to find my laptop stuff cause it has an SD slot built in.
    I'm having some difficulties at getting my desktop to read my SD card.
    Not sure why but I'll keep working on it.
    got it.
    will watch a little later or in the morning. i just woke up at 10:30. still trying to adjust xD
    No probz.
    What I found out about the AT is that when it's grounded and you footstool to dair, ROB (you) lands strangely and has the potential to put him in a good position. So, I'm actually inputting a footstool > dair in one fluid motion just like you want me to do in the air. I'm not sure if it's much of an "AT" in the air, but I do like the set up idea because I can follow up with a fastfall bair for a good tech chase/get up read. At 7:21 in that match, the bair should have connected if I did it in a fluid motion. The main prob was, I wasn't as focused as I should have because it's hard when me and Tako are usually trolling each other when we play lol!

    But yeah, I just wasn't sure if you knew that I was dairing on the ground too.

    Also, something to note that I'm not 100% on is that footstool > dair isn't always garunteed. I'm not sure if DI is the factor, or the direction you approach plus the way you're facing (because ROB dair's at an angel) but I have whiffed some footstool spikes before.

    I'm pretty sure I did it as quickly as possible.
    Sorry for the mass confusion.
    I have a bad habit at both not explaining myself thoroughly and not reading thoroughly lol.
    Anywho, to retouch on something about being grounded while trying to perform up+bs, here is a little chart to show you why the jump (whether it be tap jump like you've discovered to use or another mapped jump, like how I use Z) is so important
    EDIT: When I went to pull up the thread to maybe help explain why up+bing on the ground seems so difficult, I found out that my knowledge wasn't that great of it either.

    Something you may or may not realize is, when you are in a different state of movement or none at all (whether it be walking, running, in the air, etc) the region that your control stick can be in to input a special changes.

    For example:

    This is what the control stick region looks like for your specials while running. I thought the up-b zone was going to be considerably smaller. Then I noticed that underneath the image in Luckylime's thread, he states the following:
    "While running, R.O.B. cannot perform RF specials. (with the exception of RF UP-B by jump canceling into it) "
    Even though we're not certain how this physic works, it at least confirms that a jump needs to be involved to do a reverse-facing (RF) up+b.

    The link to that thread can be found here:


    Now onto the aerial stuff.
    It works quite similar to the grounded up+b stuff that I explained in the Q&A thread.
    Let's resort back to this image of the left and right (or east and west) regions of your control stick:

    Now let's reference to 7:47 in my match vs Sneakytako

    As you can see, I am moving left but facing right.
    What I first do is input the up+b on the left side of my control stick. As long as the stick if just even a little to the left of the top notch of the control stick region, this will work. This will make ROB face left for a brief moment until some more magic happens (you might not even notice that I faced the opposite way in the video because it happens so fast). As soon as the up+b has started, I will immediately roll my stick over to the right, upward side which will cause ROB to quickly face the direction he was initially facing and bounce/boost that direction as well. The main reason why this happens is because ROB's momentum was originally going to the left, not the right. If you wanted to get fancy, you could have even started on the right side with the up-b and roll to the left which would cause ROB to bounce/boost the same direction but now face the opposite direction.

    I'm going to stop here for now before I get any more confusing. I hope this clears some things up for you and if you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask. Btw, you should probably ask this kind of stuff in the Q&A thread so other ROB mains can see it. ^_^
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