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  • Hey, I'm a Let's Player by the name of PalPlays on YouTube (Paladin's my name) I can't get Window's Movie Maker 2.6 to give me a 16:9 layout without giving me black borders, could you help? I can upload a private video of what my problem is on YouTube and give you permissions to watch it. If you can help (I hope you can) say so and I'll set up a convo.
    OMFG!!! I found the old clips that G-S and Sol Diviner sent to me, and my old clips as well. They were the ones I had sent to Sil a while back.

    I forwarded both of the messages to you.

    I ask a favor though. Can you please put all of those clips into a small video and send it to me? Because I want to see which ones should still be on it. PLEASE!!!!
    I sent them all. Hopefully it isn't too hard for you to get what you need out of them.
    Yeah I know.

    Well I will be sending my replays soon. I need to ask of a favor though. It's your choice to do it IDC but I think it would be cool. =3
    Two things:

    1.) What is your email so I can send you my replays?

    2.) Post something on the thread to keep it alive. From what I remember when Sil and I started it, people lose interest very fast. If the thread isn't kept alive then the Hype dies and people tend to not send in replays or even participate in it. That's why I was trying to post a lot after you revived it. T_T
    ^_^ thanks budz.

    Just send it in when you can, try and hurry but don't rush yourself. =3
    Yup thats what I meant. ^_^

    And I can't think of something easiar, you summed it up in a nutshell. Thanks budz. =P
    Send me no more than a 1 Minute of your BEST footage.

    I you have a few days. Try to hurry.

    Please tell me you have them in links??

    I am too overloaded with SD replays to send Sil.
    Maybe, I havn't actually gotten the footage from 8bitman yet. yet hes worked out specifically how much time everyone has in the vid. So either talk to him or just send me the footage and I'll see what I can do.
    Sup lucky, saw you were interested in being in the ROB Community Combo vid. Of course whatever chibo was working on died, but 8bitman and me have started our own, and wanted to check if you wanted to be included.
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