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  • Hey there late Happy Easter Peace I hope that you had good one friend :) How are you man?
    I really need to get back on brawl now that you say that.. That's good to hear tho you been keeping yourself busy. haha thanks man im glad you enjoyed watching that I'm already working on another one. As far as mains in Smash4 go i mainly just use Mewtwo but for fun i do use Marth and Fox, you?
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    Morning Peace I don't have Smash 4 yet but I planning to get sometime this year I use various characters in Brawl like Pit, Ike, DK, Kirby, MR. Game Watch, Pika, Mario, Yoshi, Marth, Link, Luigi, MK, Sonic and more. Yes I need to prepare myself good for Smash 4 thanks Peace When do you hit me up I wanna face you in brawl like old time do you miss Snake?
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    and What do you think about the new patch in Smash 5? I heard that Mewtwo moveset change?
    ✯✯✯ Hi Happy New Year Peace I wish you Strong Health, Peace, Happiness, Achievement in your Goal, Good Good things in your Life, Enjoyable Year and I wish you all the best Peace only the best to the best for You My Friend ✯✯✯
    C: HO HO HO Merry Christmas Peace and Have a Great Time with your Family and Friends. HO HO HO :D
    Merry Christmas my good sir same to you dude.
    Hello there kinda late but Happy Thanksgiving Peace :)
    Hey thanks bro same to you!
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    You're Welcome Man and Thanks :) How have you been these passed days recently?
    Hello There Peace How are you? and how are you doing in Smash 4? Oh Still playing Brawl?
    I'm good dude just keeping on going on lol. I play smash4 every once in a while, i don't really have a main or anything and yes even tho i haven't played in a while. How about yourself?
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    I'm doing Great Thanks Peace ^^ I know that you will find one very soon just on matter on time beside you are very skillful Player and one of strongest player I ever face. ^^ as for me I still learning stuff from brawl exploring my characters, learning some tech, Training and Practice......
    Rage NF
    Rage NF
    which one of my favorite part in the game I always love training you never know what technique and method and strategies I gonna come with it. ^^ Let Brawl someday also you main Snake or Marth or both in Brawl?
    Happy 4th of July XD xD
    Hey peace you still smashing at brawl?
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    Don't have too many people to play with but always will play it ma dude.




    Nah ^^
    I just have to stick to this nick, due to smashboards only allowing prem. members to change their name xp
    Our scene's dying...but thank you! If you ever need me btw, just send me a message on here or AIM.
    Yeah I do! And, I'll be moving to Minnesota, so Iowa's losing me. I hope my last tournament has well over 100 people.
    Hosting anything is good imo. I've hosted twice, but they were regionals both time. I am hoping to host one last tournament before I move.
    Haha! Same...yeah I don't go many places, I just host. I think the Midwest appreciates the hosting though.
    Ah no, I wasn't able to make it. I apparently made a few people mad by not going...tsk...I assume you went? I hope you liked it.
    It's fine? Don't sweat it...Yink doesn't sound very feminine anyway lol.
    Man? Son, I'm a girl. Unless you refer to your girls that way, then nevermind haha.
    Ness v MK really isn't that bad lol. Ness v Marth is a nightmare though. Why do you like hugging children so much!?
    Lmao. I can just imagine all the hatred for MK or something, and going "yeah, HIT HIM".
    I mean did you do that yourself? lol. Should be spanking Ness imo. ;) hahaha.
    Hey, I have my replays. Let me know when I can give them to you ^_^', thanks again.
    Dude, i told you to change your profile picture.
    And it would likely be on my youtube account (http://www.youtube.com/hiyashaya)

    Please change the profile picture by today.
    If you don't change it by today, you may be facing a 3 week ban.
    Its a topless girl with her nipples censored... it definitely would normally be infracted.

    Ummm, if you really want to try and find some video clips of me in it...
    http://www.youtube.com/user/everalert has some recent videos.

    couldn't really find anythignj combo video worthy though...
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