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  • In order to get the tap jump effect, you will need to throw a hidden jump into your inputs at the time of your up-b
    Well I mean, you dont have to add another jump, or press it at all...It just makes it 10x easier. Why can't you add another jump tho? Do you really use every other button and can't adjust?
    I guess it's alright. Anyway I'll have to see about the next ZP. I mainly went to this one because of Vinnie/BunnyMa but even then if the rest of Tampa wants to get a carpool going I'll be happy to go again. Don't feel bad about it, I understand what it's like to work with people who are occasionally flaky lol. If you guys can guarantee you'll come next time I'll do my best to attend!
    lurking your wall... yea tell your other brother to go to the next tournament as well or I will have to destroy you all.
    dude wtf, WASTE OF SKILL xD

    man, i NEVER go to a tourney thinking im gonna win..... infact, i got to every tourney expecting to not get any higher than 7th..... but i guess some ppl just wanna win =(

    i play for the game, the community, to have fun, and to "place" which is top 7, not to take ppls money...... but thats just me

    and yall can always get rides if u dont wanna drive, look into that?
    WTF, CATMAS THE BEST?! why he no go to tourneys?!

    and yeah lol, if yall can make it, thad be awesome, any chance of CFL tourneys?

    and lol, there are alotta bros in the smash community
    Uhhh when you say AIB, do you mean to play online? That isn't happening. After all of our first tourneys. We all quit wifi.

    lol, i HELL NO i dont mean play wifi, i mean, thats the only place ive ever actually talked to him, i havent played wifi in like 1 1/2 months lol
    the only reason we werent there, is cause the date was SUDDENLY changed, if theres ANYWAY to make it to esams clubhouse tourney, or even CFL tourneys, please do so, next ZP weve got our eyes on tho

    and thanks lol, u were too, great, that ALL 3 of u guys play too, i never really got to "meet" your brothers, i havent seen them since Dec 09 D:
    soooooooo glad u got ur bro to go to a zp, he is probably godlike, and if only hed get over his self esteem issues, the smashworld could know of him, could u get him to get on aib?
    Tell your brothers I said they better go to a tournament within the next two months or I will hire a hitman.
    Assuming that I'm able to get work off for it and don't have a major exam coming up I'd absolutely love to. I literally spend 90% of my time at smashfests training up and coming players in Tampa (Lies is the only one you may have heard of, he went to the last ZP). I really think I could give your brothers confidence if I sat down and played with them, and I'm sure we'd also have a lotta fun playing).

    Anyway I'll be sure to let you guys know beforehand.
    lol I'm a regular on the Peach boards. I was there when those videos were submitted to the video thread. I don't watch combo videos; they don't really display anything except players that happened to be playing really badly or were just unlucky. The better way to learn is through videos of matches. Even then though, every Peach has a very different style so you're not going to see us playing her very similarly. I see plenty of vids since I'm subscribed to the video thread and I record replays of Peaches.

    Thanks though, I'm happy you cared enough to think of me when you saw some interesting stuff. I appreciate it

    Lol. For sure man. if anything, we can practice in teams as well with friendlies and whatnot :D
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