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  • You're on your way man. Give it more time and work and you'll make that goal soon. You've come a long way from that very first time I saw you play him on FD back in June lol.

    This state is ridiculous with how much everyone improves. We never have a static PR with all the upsets we have. There's too much undiscovered potential.

    your set with ESAM was on Xaltis' wii.

    Taylor is going through a bad family situation right now though(which is why his emotion avi is sad). I don't want to bother him over replays. It's too bad though because my Nick Riddle set is on his wii too D:

    D-Torr I believe brought his wii, Kyon too I think, Ravyn is uploading replays on his own as usual. I'm not sure who else brought wiis, try asking ESAM(I might do the same later lol).

    I just finished recording everything on my wii, but no one has given me any replays yet. I have nothing of you D:

    we did pretty well considering we got NO practice and did all of our tourney matches back to back LOL
    Marth sucks though lol

    I feel like whenever I beat anybody, It should be in like an "bad things happen"-type combo video LOL

    And yeah I'm down to team again
    I know after I saw the Singles results I was like, WTF HOW DID WE WIN? O__o
    If Eden doesn't come again tell me we need to practice dubz. Only if you want to team though.
    lol same here.

    If I'd have lost against a player like Albert I would have been so disenchanted going to singles but then that guy got top 5
    That's up to you, I'd prefer G&W over Diddy if your G&W is as good, or nearly as good, as your nice ROB.

    We will be able to see what meshes well.

    I'm going straight MK
    I think he just got annoyed that your wording for things made MUs seem unwinnable and your list didn't really give ROB a lot of credit (when I and a lot of others feel that he has more advantages than you feel).
    But everyone is entitled to their opinion and I'm sure that no two ROB mains agree on everything lol.

    But yeah, sneaky is cool irl I promise and usually on the boards too from my experience. Not choosing sides but I believe that's why he got on your case.
    I'd just let it go. We won't progress in anything if we keep bickering over petty things like MU disagreements xD

    I wish I lived in your state man. Florida is so **** <3
    Ok, I just picked out some random but sexy footage (I have too many replays) and I'm going to start recording it in a little bit. Just a little update I think you deserve for convenience.

    I understand. But what do you mean "in links"? Whatever footage I choose, I'll trim and render in widescreen myself. From there, I can compile the footage into a downloadable file and send you the link to it. Would that be easiest?
    Hi there. I want to be part of the ROB community video too but I wasn't aware until recently that it was under production. I told Sil I'd get some footage and send it to him soon but since you're the organizer I thought I should ask you. Can you still squeeze me in if I get some premium footage?
    Dont feel bad, even if I had the videos they'd have to sit around for the rest of the week. I've got a big project to finish by Thursday night and I'm way behind.

    I really dont even have time to be on smashboards.
    Haha I doubt we'll have to go as far as mailing eachother. How many replays are there? and how large is the folder holding them? (**MB large) and how many replays?

    The easiest way to send them would prob be through AiM, if that wont work I'll send you my email.
    I may just do that. We'll see. Haven't played since holy smash so I need to do something if I'm actually gonna do this tourney.
    okies, yeah i know that some are too long. i just like to make my **** last longer, lulz. i would like to request a change tho. perhaps change the 2nd combo i do on Kassy (zss in clip2) and add maybe the fox start in clip2 11 sec, and/or the snake kill off the top because who kills with up air? xD it's short too.
    but eh, idk i do think i should have only one of the ZSS clips tho
    hah, it's hard to see too much of a playstyle in combo vids imo.
    i use dtilt a bit when i can
    i do jab1 > dtilt > dashattack > u-tilt >piv grab, etc
    dtilt > fully charged gyro for kills
    i dont rly do dtilt to grab much lol
    Yo man, it was fun playing with you guys. Hit me up next time you guys want to get together and play. I'm sure Dfear and I will get a chance to swing by there and play with you guys. If not Dfear, then at least me. I want to play that snake that came with you again. I think he and I can teach each other some stuff about the match ups. Or I can at least teach you guys doubles...i have LOTS of knowledge and experience with that. Hit me up...i don't leave till sometime after this week
    Hey, I remember a while back in your sig that you'd be down to play anyone near the area. I'm coming from Tampa and I'm looking for people nearby Pompano Beach to smash with. Coral Springs ain't that far off so lemme know sometime if you'd be interested.
    I'll hit him up again and see what he says. Anyway, I know I just popped up on your stuff so let me introduce myself. I'm a guy from Iowa that comes down every winter break to hang out with family. I usually play friendlies with DFear when I can, but I'm free to play a bunch during the week. I stay about 20 min from Dfear in Ft. Lauderdale. Catch ya'll later tonight.
    Aight, well I'll make sure I show up with you guys. I'll probably stay a long while also. I'll tell DFear, he might show up.
    do you want me to cut out the parts and send them in separate clips? or link you to it on youtube
    Yup, I got a bunch of good clips from a tourney on Sat. I already started uploading vids, i'll be at singles ones soon
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