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Recent content by 8Bitman

  1. 8Bitman

    Survey #2

    1. Sheik 2. Pikachu 3. Zero Suit Samus 4. Luma 5. Fox 6. Luigi 7. Ness 8. Yoshi 9. Sonic 10. DiddyKong 11. Mario 12. ROB 13. Wario 14. Falcon 15. Olimar Bottom 10: (No Order) Samus, Zelda, Dr. Mario, MiiGunner, Mii Swordsman, JigglyPuff, Paultena, Mewtwo, WiiFit, Lucas
  2. 8Bitman

    Bowser and the Suicide Clause

    I honestly cannot believe this has to be a thread. IF BOWSER SUICIDES WITH YOU, THAT IS YOUR FAULT FOR GETTING GRABBED BY A CHARACTER THAT ALREADY HAS A HARD TIME GETTING IN. I will always give the win to Bowser at my events in Florida. The TOs that disagree are straight up stupid.
  3. 8Bitman

    Smash 4: Air Speed Rankings and Values [NOW WITH RAW/REAL VALUES]

    I'll be back when you unlock everyone... Missing alot.
  4. 8Bitman

    Smash 4 Weekly @ Arcade Odyssey 10/17/14

    Lol, I flew through losers.
  5. 8Bitman

    [Nov 8, 2014] Shuffle VI (Columbus, Ohio)

    ALRIGHT I WANT THIS TO BE BIG! Two things! 1.) YOU NEED TO MAKE A FACEBOOK EVENT! 2.) YOU NEED YO INVITE ALL THE ****** TO THAT FACEBOOK EVENT! I will be sharing this on FB right now and asking my dubz partner if he can come. YALL NEED TO ADVERTISE! LET'S MAKE THIS BIG! FLORIDA LEZ GO!
  6. 8Bitman

    [Sep 27, 2014] Who's Tyler? X!!! It's coming this month!!! (Tyler, TX)

    MVD is the best snake... But he still sucks tho...
  7. 8Bitman

    Versus Gaming Brawl & PM Monthlies: 7/26/14 RESULTS

    Oh, by the way guys, Darwin is Seibrik... He is changing his name....
  8. 8Bitman

    Versus Gaming Brawl & Smash 4 Monthlies: 12/20/14

  9. 8Bitman

    Versus Gaming Brawl & PM Monthlies: 7/26/14 RESULTS

    http://versus.challonge.com/brawlJuly (Someone left after Round 1 so I refunded them their money. So technically 21 Entrants) Brawl: ($5 Entry, 21 Entrants) 1: AO|CT| MVD $63 :snake: 2: Denti No| 8Bitman $31.50 :rob: 3: CT| Darwin $10.50 :wario: :dedede: :metaknight: 4: DC|...
  10. 8Bitman

    Versus Gaming Brawl & Smash 4 Monthlies: 12/20/14

    BUMP! Invite your friends. This is in 6 days! The next one is going to be August 16th, 2014.
  11. 8Bitman

    Versus Gaming Brawl & Smash 4 Monthlies: 12/20/14

    Reserved for results 7/26/14: http://versus.challonge.com/brawlJuly http://versus.challonge.com/PMJuly 11/1/14: http://challonge.com/VS11114BS http://challonge.com/VS1101SM4SH BRAWL RULES!!! General Brawl Rules: ~ Items to “Off” and “None” ~ Pause set to “Off” ~ METAKNIGHT IS BANNED ~ All...
  12. 8Bitman

    Versus Gaming Brawl & Smash 4 Monthlies: 12/20/14

    Hello South Florida, if you are looking for Brawl or Smash 4 events, you have come to the right place. Read along if you are interested. TAKE THAT DAY OFF OF WORK, SCHOOL, WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE. SOUTH FLORIDA SMASH IS AND WILL CONTINUE TO THRIVE THANKS TO THIS AMAZING VENUE!
  13. 8Bitman

    [Apr 19, 2014] Brawl & Project M Monthlies (Pompano Beach, Florida)

    PS2 is a Hazardless Stage, meaning it has no variables that can add percent to you or attack you. While you can surely interact with the stage it is the same concept as YI with ShyGuys, or Balloons on SV. They cannot hurt you however you can implement them as a Counter in some way. If you can...
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