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  • No, none at all. Go ask around on the social thread. I am sure everyone would love to do a get-together and get a bunch of SFL to play at ZP.

    Go ask around. =P
    Lol i wish i could take all the credit. The team did a great job, and everyone put in a LOT OF WORK. it wasn't just me, but thanks :)
    Well we are going to be pretty busy. So I don't see us being able to set anything up.

    Unless you guys would like to come over some day this week.

    Cuz the next time we are leaving the house for Brawl is January 8th, ESAM's next ZP.


    And that snake was my brother. The three of us chilling in ZP when you got there are my two older brothers, and me.
    Haha no worries. I live in Coral Springs. Which is about 30 minutes from ZP. So Hearing that you are actually pretty close. I can't wait for tonight. ^_^

    Don't forget your wii, haha.

    From what I am hearing, there should be about 5 wiis, and around 10 people. =DDD
    Yeah I asked DFEAR, and he said he would think about coming. He said he wasn't sure though. ^_^
    Uhh we are leaving around 5:45.

    It takes us about 30 minutes to get there from where my brothers and I live.

    It was going to be Gambit, Kooky, and a few more of his friends. And then my two brothers and I. So go around 6.. We are going to stay until people have to start leaving. so anytime from 12 AM to 3 am (when ZP closes) is when we are going to leave, most likely. ^_^
    usually when its involving more than two people we all usually goto zp, but more than often we dont have smashfests we usually just live our lifes during the weekday and then go all out on tourney days lol. but im still down to practice tho. ill be working today ill find out when i can hang tomorrow.
    yo man good doubles matches today(except the ones with polt guess he brought out the suckage lol)

    ;) we must play again...
    check da atlantic south gentlemen's club threads especially the florida thread :3. atm i know as much as u.
    well i live in weston o.o so its very nearby, i play with some friends occasionally but ur welcome to come by.

    zero ping is a "lan center" of hollywood florida near the hardrock casino.
    were usually a tourney based state not alot of smashfests go down but this weekend is winterfest and there will be plenty of smash up in orlando this weekend. you could arrange a smashfest at zp. ppl will go.
    yo if ur down we can goto ZeroPing during the weekends. i main diddy myself but also play Metaknight, i specialize in singles and learning doubles so we can teach each other some stufff
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