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  • Barely anything happens in Kissimmee, mainly because of work, school, family johns (in my case, along with work), and the fact that there's not many players in this area. I don't normally get to play unless I go to Apopka or Orlando and that's rare due to me not having a car. I depend on either Action B. or Exdeath for rides there.

    The UCF Brawl thread is where you can find if any fests are going down. Check it out.
    My screenname is Albert or BassAlbert

    I don't think I HAVE been to any events of yours :/ I only started getting "serious" about attending tourneys after I moved to New. England for college.

    I love the idea of tourneys at FIU cause thats somewhat close to me loll
    Hey do you think you could let me know about any future tournaments at FIU ?


    I'll be moving back home to SoFla after the semesters over :D
    Hey, did you guys find a silver controller? I can't find my controller anywhere. I might have left it. It has no rubber on he control stick and the c-stick is missing part of its rubber too....

    Edit- Nevermind, my friend had it. Btw I have uploaded all the doubles footage. I will start working on the singles tomorrow after I get home from school.
    You should have a BB tournament at FIU on the same day of the Smash tourney. That would get me and a few other people to come............. hint hint
    I might check it out. Is there a fixed scene in Ft. Lauderdale that gets together and play regularly? I will have LOTS of time on my hands and would love to play as much as possible.
    Be knowledgeable, be active, be friendly, be level-headed.

    And most of all. Don't be asking for it.
    if you're going to the tony tourny and dont have a partner i'll partner with you.
    Hey Ruuku, I enjoyed playing you at Supercon this weekend, I was the kid in the white shirt, the Falco with the tag "GONZO". My friend Shun/Tom also said you were a real cool dude in the friendlies on sunday. You've gotta show me how to improve my Falco some day, and I'd like to come to more SFL tourneys. Peace!
    Fox/Mario player [formally] with the tag Supe who stopped playing last year, asked about 64 today. Blue Jacket.

    Oh yeah and Mario sucks in Melee. :p
    hey dude, I wanted to ask you how I can get in contact with the link player from FIU (the one teamed with that time when we did the toon link team). Lemme know cuz I wanna team with him for gigs. Thanks a lot!
    Well, thanks. All the credit goes to IDK and his sig shop. A bunch of people have sigs similar to mine though now. lol
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