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  • could you pm me wills num? and ****, yours, lios, zacks, tommys xD

    but i need to tell will hbd
    LOL, you had me going for like 2 secs

    wtf happened to my old crew, did brawl die for you guys?

    brawl is still strong in tampa lol
    you............ do not................

    exist in my life................

    ;____; possible homo?
    Actually, Uair from the sides is more of a diagonal trajectory that you can further DI horizontally. combines with a slanted platform, it's actually not too hard to get it there.

    A perfectly aligned Uair for example would be really hard. Maybe not doable.
    I am, I'm taking a little longer because I'm trying to work out my new system for recording. I'm just about set though and I should be faster for future events. I do have your matches(you vs Master Raven and GDX), but if you really want them I will give them to you.


    Hey can u find out if any1 is goin 2 the GA tourney from Gville???

    Im tryina get a ride...

    & I might even b able to make it to gville the night b4 but I need a ride back 2 Tally still :-(
    Hey Im all primed to get my points system started and working, but i cant insert anything into until the PR's come out. So far there have been 4 tourneys(that i know about) since the new season started and thats 4 tournies i am going to have to update. I do all the calculations by hand so if you please get the PR's out like tonight or just send me the list privately thatd be great. I need to get on this now. If you decide to send it privately it will stay private.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that i use every single player that played in the points system. That means hand calcs for every single player. If you want to send me gvilles top 10 too we could work something out and i could add you guys into the system as well.
    Oooh, sexy. Thank you x3

    Did you ever end up telling Sax who you were ? xD

    Ok yeah lemme re-iterate, sober. Hrnut has lost to kyon in pools at NLL(where he got second) and at his CPR tourney last weekend. He also beat kyon once at his tourney which makes their record 2-1(in favor of kyon). At gallaxfest i beat kyon once and ramen twice and lost to hrnut(once). The week after gfest was NLL where hrnut lost to ramen(2 times) and 2Djeff(once) and kyon. After that i went to WATO(not whobo lol sorry bout the confusion) and beat kyon in GF's and then beat kyon once more at gallaxfest 3(making my record vs kyon 3-0 this season and vs ramen 2-0 and vs hrnut 0-2) I lost to hrnut twice, both at a gfest tourney. One time when halberd came and the other when esam/riddle came.

    As for the CPR results, they are in the atl south. Nothing was posted since hrnut is lazy. The important results from that were the hrnut vs kyon ones i told you about, kyon losing to sax and d-torr, and sax beating gdx once.
    Sorry ive ben drinking. Uhhh look at gallaxfest2 when halberd came or when i beat ramen twiceand NLL(when hrnut got second) for when ramen beat hrnut 3 times and then hrnut also lost to kyon in pools. Then look at the last tourney that hrnut won where kyon got second then sax got third for when hrnut lost once to kyon then beat him twice. At whobo i beat kyon then i beat kyon at my galaxfest where halberd came then i beat kyon again last tourney at gallaxfest 3. There ya go.
    He said he doesn't approve of a split, but NFL should be able to have their own by bringing up the point that it takes 6-10 hours to get up there from here.

    The clever contradiction that's easy to miss is that he says 'Most states can be crossed in like 3-4 hours'. He's saying that being so far away should constitute them having their own PR since it's like driving to another state.

    now, tell me how long of a drive it is from SFL to CFL x3

    I don't approve of a CFL SFL PR split, *but it would be fair for NFL to get their own PR imo*. It takes anywhere from 6-10 hours to get to NFL from SFL. Most states can be crossed in like 3-4 hours.
    I sent 2link the singles matches I had I'll send you the Teams matches gimme a sec
    I'm willing to look into what you posted in the request thread, do you have AIM?
    close matches, sick combo at the end of first match. ugh,fair-dair coinflip. I wouldve shorthopped on shield and countered the utilt. would that kill? also, stronger lucario has more hitstun?

    I've been training my samus mentallly. Bc i smart
    It only looks unnatural because you know it wasn't part of Snake's original moveset. And no, it's nothing like the example you posted. It's also not a "good" looking animation in the least, like as I mentioned before - Snake floats in the air during it.

    Not to mention I don't see you complaining about any of the many goofy animations in Brawl - Link's Dash doesn't properly animate into his run, many sword-character animations have them stick their sword into the ground at various points, etc. To claim that we are incapable of producing quality animation work because we're not professional game developers is terribly shallow-thinking of you.

    I had nothing to do with Snake's Ftilt animation, nor Snake development at all. If you want to complain about Link however, I'd like to hear it.

    I'm not trolling you, I wanted you to respond so I pushed at you.

    But w/e. Mods get infractions too btw
    oh lord you didn't get it XD I was meaning that you were cramping my style, not using my style, REAAAAAD

    Mister Im better at bike than you are coming back without showing off his biker badges </3
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