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  • Awesome man! It was fun playing with you and all of the Alabama players! We're gonna try to come out to some of your tournaments this summer!
    If you really need it, I can try and get it mailed, but SOMEONE will be at AUSOM from Mobile and get it to you if not.
    Sounds good, brb buying a plane ticket.

    You ever been to Canada btw? Come visit me one day, brah! (You have a FB btw?)

    I hope you had fun, keep on practising and you'll get better! Keep up the good work, friend! =)
    I like the chilli and spicy chicken sandwiches over there, yum! :p

    And that's normal, same thing happened to me when I worked at Tim Hortons back in high school. (Coffee + donut shop, like Starbucks.)

    If I come visit you over there in America, will you give me a discount? :awesome:
    Wendys? I love that place! Can you tell me any secrets? Pretty please? :p

    Yeah, I quite enjoyed playing BTB in Halo 3. Sandtrap FTW!!! And think I'd like BF3? I did enjoy BFBC2 but I'm more of a CoD kinda guy, you know?

    And why haven't we played anything yet on XBL? D:

    We should brawl one day. :D
    Where do you work? And Halo 3 FTW!!! You ready for Halo 4? I don't have BF3, that game any good?

    Good luck, who do you main?
    I've been doing pretty good, busy with work and playing Mass Effect 2 on my 360. :)

    How bout you?
    I already beat spec ops on normal difficulty on Wednesday. They're much easier than the ones in MW2 IMO. ^^
    I'm actually considering going back to school for post-graduate education since nothing is on the current job market for me. And are you ready for tomorrow? MW3!!! :awesome:

    Isn't MK7 out this month and the new Mario game next month?
    I'll find the right one eventually. Everyone gets their lucky break sooner or later. I just hope mine comes soon...

    Man, I can't wait till I get a 3DS and we can both play some games online together. (i.e. MK7) :3
    I had to turn down the job, it wasn't for me. :(

    IMO, Melee would be the best game ever if they made it online with good servers. Don't you agree?
    Thanks, I have a 2nd interview with them tomorrow morning. :awesome:

    I've only been to 1 Melee tournament before I retired. Good times, good times. I played a mean Peach, Fox, Falco and Marth. :cool:
    Thanks man, I'll let you know how I do on it tomorrow. I'm nervous, don't think I'll be able to sleep much tonight cause I'll be up thinking about it...I don't handle stress very well btw. :(

    Nope, P2P on consoles but unranked games on PC have dedicated servers.

    That sucks man, I have a copy of Brawl but I never play my Wii. ;)
    I have an interview downtown on Monday @ 1:30, I'm nervous. :c

    Any tips for interviews? I plan on researching the company this weekend and dressing up nicely. And I need my yearly CoD fix, Black Ops pisses me off. :mad:

    I think Halo 4 will be good, altho I'll miss Bungie, fresh air can't be bad for the franchise. Right??? And you should definitely try the original Bioshock, I'd skip over Bioshock 2 if I were you.
    Good stuff man, I hope you get the job! Where is it?

    And we should play MW3 when it's out in less than 2 weeks. I plan on going to the midnight launch over here. :awesome:

    Too many games, so little time and/or money. Next year I plan on buying Bioshock: Infinite and Halo 4. :urg:
    Nothing much, just playing Gears of War 3 and eagerly awaiting MW3. (Which is out in 13 days. :awesome:)

    Well, I really don't have a lot of money to spend these days. I'll probably buy the updated version in 2-3 years if things go as planned. Nintendo dropped the ball on the 3DS launch IMO, do you agree?
    Good to hear man, I graduated from college with honours (Over 80% average) because I worked my butt off during the 2nd and 3rd years.

    I'm the kind of person who prefers to be alone most of the time but it's still nice to hang out with friends every now and then.

    Nope, I don't plan on purchasing one till they update it in a few years. (3DS Lite)

    I'm still not 100% sold on 3D gaming or the 3DS. I also want to wait for all the good games to be released. (i.e. Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land.)

    Also, we're playing TF2 tonight @ 8 PM EST, hope you can make it! :)
    I will. How often do you play Brawl by chance, I'm usually playing Smash and looking for some new *cough*meat to slaughter*cough* competition ;)
    Yeah, I'll add you next time I'm on for sure, but I don't play all that often to be honest, I stick around because everyone is pretty cool (a few exceptions, but it's like that with every group :p).
    $7.50?!?!? The minimum wage over here in my province in Canada is currently $10.25. Surprised to see such a big difference. And that sucks dude, I made lots of friends in both high school and college, it's always good to get a job where your friends work cause when I had a part-time job in HS, it made working a lot better.

    Good to hear you gained some invaluable skills/experience which will be sure to help you later in life! How's college over in the U.S anyways?
    Alright, well I'm probly gonna be getting on now for a bit, feel free to join whenever :p
    I believe I already have your friend code added and such.
    For sure :)
    Just post in the thread when you are wanting to play and I'll join you
    Ugh, commission? I'd rather get a standard base pay tbh but that's just me. What's minimum wage over there in the U.S.?

    And nice! I'm sure you have a lot of connections now?
    Thanks, I look and apply to jobs every day. I hope I get my lucky break soon...

    Oh yeah? Was the pay good? How did you get it?
    I studied Marketing (3 year program) in college, graduated in April. Currently looking for employment but it's pretty hard in the current job market/economy. :(
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