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    Retreating Up+B On Ground

    I did this on accident: Normally the game doesn't allow you to do a retreating up+b on the ground like you could in Brawl, but somehow I did here. Does anyone know how to replicate this?
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    Brawl, Melee & Project M [Wii U] Back Throw Thursday 8 @ UAH

    There was brawl and nobody told me? :(
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    DK Skype Group

    Mine is ty.dkd Can you add me?
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    Story/Meaning behind a gametag!

    Host Change- Lag on Xbox Live and host migration because of really bad connectivity led me to type in that name and see if it was taken on Xbox. It wasn't so I took that, and also used the tag for other things.
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    Losing smash players to League of Legends

    ^This. I prefer smash, but it's so hard to arrange things and go meet up when I want to play, and since the smash community where I'm at has a good amount of people and tons of new players, its hard to get good practice and test things like follow up options and test different types of DI on...
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    DK Patch 1.10 Changes

    Cargo up-throw to charged giant punch may not work on too many characters but just wait and watch for the airdodge :D Then people get really mad
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    Alabama Thread! (10/26/2016 update)

    Hey guys, I changed my name on smashboards to match what I've been entering tournaments as and what I go by on everything else. I decided going by two different things could cause a lot of confusion with streaming and such. So Ty! -> Host Change :D
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    Omni: Should We Still Use Custom Moves in Smash 4?

    My region is heavily supportive of custom moves, but I'll play the game either way honestly. I think there are some characters that receive needed buffs from customs to be able to compete, while others don't need them and those are the characters that make playing vs customs on frustrating. I...
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    Do people still play brawl???

    I still would play as I myself am inclined to still really like the game, but nobody will play with me locally anymore. I have one friend that would but aside from that, all the top Brawl players in the area do nothing but talk of how much they "always hated the game" whenever it is brought up...
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    Wii/Wii U

    I'm not somebody who gets motion sickness really, but the 200cc seemed really fast in the trailer. We'll see if its too much to handle this month I guess... lol
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    Grand Old Thread: League of Legends!

    I just realized how hard you can carry in the jungle at lower elo this past week or so. I made silver IV last season in ranked and got silver V in my placements this season, but I got messed up MMR so bad from duoing with bronze friends of mine trying to help them not knowing what that did for...
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    Energy drinks for tournaments

    Earlier on when attending tournaments, I used to drink a lot of this kind of stuff but more healthy snacks and drinks do seem to be quite a bit better for tournament performance. I don't get the hard crash a lot of people do but water and such for sure does the job better. Lately though, I've...
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    Brawl Gets an Optimized Netplay Codeset

    I'll have to start playing again. I never wanted to completely put Brawl up.
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    First Official Shaq-Fu Tier List Released

    This seems to be a pretty good tier list ^^
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