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  • Hey Snipa, I watched your ICs the other day and I must say they are truly something else. Do you have any tips on how to improve with them? I'm a new ICs main, and I really main Pit but I'd like to make my ICs a strong secondary. Any tips on what I need to do, desynchs that are good to use? And how to learn CGs faster?
    lol theres this one dude whos like, 1cc'd every game on lunatic........




    i havent 1cc'd a touhou on normal........ no matter how close i get >__>
    LOL, if yall go, we will c

    i know u cud tell from playing trump, that he knew the mu, ive played him w/ lucario alot lol

    we shud like, play on a wii w/ infinite replay, one of us shud use lees tag, and color, the other shud use ksizzles, or we can be junebug or zucco, idk

    but id be funny to upload, ppl who be like...... WTF XD
    is galeon going to holy smash? cuz i wanna mm him w/ lucario, since we didnt get to finish match 2 (which i was winning D:<)

    idk why im asking u that, prolly cuz i wanted to remind u of the lee m vs ksizzle were gonna be doing whenever xD
    Why is today the one day it takes you forever to get up/and or get online?
    Mhm yeah, thanks a lot! I had the closest sets ever vs Tyrant and Lee, but I couldn't pull out the win... oh well. Hopefully brawl stays on the circuit, so we can chill again. I'm unable to go to Dallas =/.
    Thanks. Give respect when its earned and uve earned it. Dont have to thank me.
    You didn't happen to be a part of the Neoseeker community a while ago did you. I remember an ICs main on that site in a crew called Radiant Judgement or something like that. I keep seeing your name on this site and made me wonder lol

    alright kewl. because after fighting aglows IC's i really wanted to fight yours..

    im expecting to do better this time around. GL snipa. =D
    itsall good. dying to play you IC.

    unrelated, but X-factor is coming back sometime soon.
    Door Fee: $20
    Tournament Fee: 20$ (singles Only)
    Gas: $60-$80 Spread Amongst 5 People ( $12-$16 A Person )
    Tolls: ( Um Can We Get There Without Tolls? )
    Hotel: 5$ Each Person To Hungrybox's!!!
    Food Money: Bring $10 Minimum Cuase We Will Be There For 4 Days ( We Come Back Monday Morning )

    Total Costs Per Individual:
    20+20+16+5+10= $71

    Money That You Give Me:
    Just The Gas ( $16 )

    Also Dont Forget To Bring Hygiene Related Materials And Clothing!
    driver (me), gg,retro is ALL i have now, TWO SPOTS OPEN...and i can help u in finances, BUT only dealing with gas and tolls everything else is all u...pls come with me snipa so we can be in hbox' together. o.o we can both **** ally lol...actually he is just gonna train us, me for being a fellow canadian and u for being so **** awesome!
    ok im guaranteed housing space at hbox's we called him today. i need 100% from u to see if ur riding with me or not cuz i need the money to pay tolls in advance on a sunpass
    ready for wato so halberd and i can destroy hrnut and gdx again xD
    then i can destroy seibrik xD
    im leaving friday, im taking (myself, Retro, GG, Luis *not our luis*) we are also bringing one tv, one wii with brawl + melee + luigi's mansion o.o
    k im guaranteed the car the 18th-20th for my birthday, so im going to winterfest i have 4 people in the car so far, i need one more person and housing might be at hbox's , u down?
    single elim, lost to polt because of counterpick, i 2 stockd anyone on neutrals including chaz...then ****ing get owned on a counterpick i ****ing suck...i really really need to practice on counterpicks only or get a 2ndary.
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