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  • Lol I'm sorry it always says I'm online when I'm never really near my wii. I sort of leave it on like a nut. Lol. XD
    Lol well I never use brawl plus and all that goodness. Cause after ****** my poor wii with hacks. It's pissed, but you know what I'm happy you want to brawl me sometime. So I look forward.
    I don't do WiFi very often.

    However, if you're interested in playing Balanced Brawl, I'll gladly do that since my local scene isn't interested in it.
    hey, if i had a wii rite now + brawl, I would've unlocked Wolf and ***** your zelda LOL. but seriously, no...but stay tuned though...until i get my wii and brawl, I'll contact you.

    - LL62
    good games by the way. O: I know the connection wasn't the best but still you did good. = D
    Yeah I know. O: I never brawl with computers, but... Remember having lag off line is way better then online. until they make a better brawl version for stuff like that. That's all. XD
    It's fine. O: it's probably the connection that's why we got so much lag we hardly can use any good fighting style. XD But if you still want to give it a shot. I made the room. X3
    Lol I guess it was more laggy then ever. O_O; though I bet if lag wasn't around I think you would have a great zelda, and peach. =D
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