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SKy Angel
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  • Don't mind what I or other people say sometimes. It's not to be taken seriously so don't get too worked up about it lol.

    I also want more than huggles!

    I didn't know you were gone for 6 months, someone else posted it and I pasted it lol. True story though, other people have been away longer. They will feel the wrath of my banhammer!

    ...When I find it.

    No problem, SKy ^__^! Always happy to wish you a happy holiday XD. Glad to hear that your Marth and Kirby are doing well ^__^. Yup, can't wait for our next Brawl match ^__^!
    Happy Thanksgiving, SKy ^__^! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner that's full of happiness ^__^! Keep being awesome with White Marth, and make sure to eat a lot :D!
    Babes <333 How long are you holding that off? I can't wait :C


    Hey SKy! Tomorrow night is gonna be Movie Night ^__^! Tomorrow Night, We're going to watch Howl's Moving Castle at Moots Chat :D! The time is going to be at 9:00 P.M. Central time! Hope to see you there ^__^! Here's the link to the Xat! V


    How've you been, SKy ^__^? We haven't talked in a long while! I've missed you. Sorry for not talking with you as much as I used to :(. My life has been pretty busy ^^;.

    Hey, SKy, do you wanna get all the lulzy convos we had in Marth's Unite and archive them in a thread so past and future members can look at all the lulzy times we had XD? It would be great if you can help me make it ^__^. It'd be a nice trip down memory lane too XD. Well, hope to talk to you soon, SKy ^__^!
    But...but you look better with a bit of gray on you. In the end, isn't it about pleasing me and getting what I want? :088:

    Really? My dream is coming true. I had a dream where you opened up a site for your art. Gibe me the link once it's up! I so miss you ...fuzzy wuzzy butt?.....How'd you know!? Did you peek on me? I feel so...violated and...empty and broken. Oh, my back! The pain...I miss you too! :088:
    Lies! Your old age mind thing is happening because you're old which means....welcome to the old age club! You'll receive your cane and earlybird card by this week. :088:

    You don't have to apologize. We're all busy so don't be sorry if you have class and such. I'd rather have you succeed and get your Masters than wasting all of your hard work by worrying to post to an old man on an online forum. I will, now come back when your off from school. :bee:
    Hi I sended you my wii # I already have yours so all you have to say is what game you want for 1000 wii points and I will send it to your wii!
    Fine then, move on with your life! See if I care!...but yes, that would have been rude. :088:

    DS? What that? <.<

    *Is tackled and hits the ground*

    Come back here you adorably cute crazy cat dog person thingamajig!? :088:
    I know. Lag effects are such a huge burden to deal with but sadly, we can't do anything about it.

    Also, you'll take the lecture because you have no choice in the matter. I don't mind how people play, after all, it's their playstyle. Play how you play, I say. :088:

    Dynasty Warrior 7, eh? I've only played the PSP version. Pretty fun but I like Castlevania: LoS's action better.
    *Freezes and poses with gavel in hand, judge style*

    You got most of what I was going to say but one more addition. You relied too heavily on Sword Dance. I noticed a pattern of Sword Dance and Sword Dance and it results in me side dodging to an open attack. I just recommend cutting back on your Sword Dancing. That's all! Now that wasn't so bad now, was it?

    I did try some chaingrabs but I prefer grab to U-smash as it did work acouple of times. Don't apologize unless you ordered a pizza during a match and didn't share, then you must apologize. Yes, your battle determination is admirable. No matter how many Sparta kicks were given, you didn't give up, I like that! That it easy on you? Blasphamony, I say! :088:

    Items? Well, have fun with that. :p
    Nonsense, they weren't hacks, it was just you dreaming that. You should be ashamed of yourself. :088:

    What? Sleeping on the work!? How are you going to get your Masters' if you don't have proper sleep? I want that Masters! :088:

    I take no responsibility for sweaty, joyous times lasting more that 4 hours and prolonged body soreness. Yes, spot dodging can be good if your opponent smash attacks you but sneaking up behind them is even better, as that'll leave them open. I'll give you a critique now if you want. What did I tell you!!!!!?? Only one hug! :088:

    *Gives chase to Sky*

    Screwing around Castlevania style?......I'd like that! You shall feel the stinging lash of my whip. :p
    Ok iam going to send you my wii number and then send you a 1000 wii points game because I don't have a card.
    Fine, I'll allow you one hug....but only one! :088:

    Lies, I say! I saw no hacks. All I saw was intense playing!

    No, this is...SPARTA! :ganondorf:

    It could've been 9 hours but I lost count. All I remember was that by the end of it, it was midnight. I didn't fall asleep till 2:00 but I kept waking up due to my upset stomach. I finally slept at 5:00 and woke up at 11:00. Lectured for work? You have a job? Why aren't you in your bed? :088:

    Lies....I just didn't believe. If there's anything I want you to remember, it's DON'T STOP....BELIEVING! Noooooooo, I said only onennnnnneeee!!! :088:
    Well...I do love capturing young women's hearts. :p

    That was certainly an insane, funny, body/hand joying 8 hour battle endurance. :088:

    Don't blame hacks for your words. I clearly saw you signaling for a down smash with your actions! :088:

    I thought it would be best if I tought Ganon the Sparta Kick and it worked out. Yes, you do have lots of spirit and spunk. I like that in an opponent/student! :088:
    So how much wii points is slader giving you I was suppose to give him 1000 wii points by gifting in my tournament.
    I shake with excitement as those were exciting matches. Because you told me to! By being at a disadvantage, you said to D-Smash you when the time was right. Your words, not mine. :088:

    Don't resist the Sparta Kick. :ganondorf:
    I'm guessing by your shaking hands and need of breath...mah Ganon's coursing through your body. Don't resist him! :088:

    Don't worry, you're on the right path. That Marth of yours is hard to leave alone. I have that too. Shaking of the hands...it subsides over time. <.<
    great to here from u again Sky!
    glad u got a new FC :)
    im still horrible at brawl but it would be fun to brawl again some time :p
    Two years!? That's a long time to be away from hacking! That reminds me that I should update the GCT files. I'm online so look out for the devilishly handsomely plain Mii. :p

    No need to apologize. I think my back has finally gotten used to your hug, either that or I've lost all feeling in my body. :088:
    I added you and it seems you're online...Prepare thy self! :088:

    No, don't turn your back on hacking. Sure, the sky's the limit but its no fun without breaking some rules. <.<
    War has been declared! Ready for Sky Land invasion! :088:

    Fine but you're missing all the pirating/hacking fun! My FC is 4683-0120-9931. Now memorize it! :088:

    Of course I don't mind waiting. I have Castlevania: LoS to keep me occupied. :bee:
    I can give you my save file but you need to install homebrew. All methods I can think of for unlocking everything require homebrew. Remember that Smashstack link I gave you? If you want to install homebrew and the homebrew channel, use that method. If you don't want to hack your Wii...then yes, you'll have to do everything by scratch. :urg:
    What do you mean "a way to avoid it?". Hacking itself or something else? Also, what other worries do you need help with?
    I'm pirate king of the skies. I won't kill anyone...unless they challenge me! :088:

    I can help...but it's with hacks. A quick GCT file of mine will solve all your problems. :p

    Hazzah, I finally found someone with the same games. Now I can teach you Brawl, whip you with whips in Judgement and invade your dream room in Nights. :awesome:
    *Stands in front of Sky's ship and shouts "I'm the sky pirate king of the world! Argh!"* :088:

    As long as the black Wii on sale was a steal. I approve, me matey. Now you shall finally feel my Mrs. G&W's hammers. Wait, you have Castlevania: Judgment and NiGHTs? :088:
    Hmm....I don't mind helping the innocent and I do love receiving booty...why not? Let us sail the skies! :088:

    No! Don't buy another one. Send it to me and that I may "fix" it for you. That way, you can have 2 Wiis. :bee:
    Peacemaker? Bah...wait, gold you say? Tell me more about your treasure boot...I mean the skies. I'm your favorite number one pirate? I feel so known. :088:

    Don't worry, once your Wii starts working, let me know. I'll help you regain your hacks. There's an application that allows that you to use other saved data. I could send you a copy of my Brawl's save data so you won't have to redo evertything or use the an unlock everything GCT file.

    I know you do lass....but the seas is a cold, cold mistress and...she is callng me. :awesome:
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