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  • So in Hoshi's Failtastic Thread of Wut, we've been interviewing eachother recently, and right now we've been interviewing Box. He was asked who his favorite person was here outside of the group. He had this to say:

    Who's your favorite member on smash boards who is not in this group?
    thought you might wanna see it =3
    Well it was super fun and Personally a few days longer would be fun, But my cousins left the same day and my sister wouldn't stop wining about not seeing her boyfriend so its prob good we left when we did :)
    I had a great time though :D
    Awesome :D
    I don't think I'll get it done til next week though(going camping) not laser camping :3
    I'm so sorry...my fanboyism for Carnage has taken over. You can have Deadpool if you want.

    Believe me, i have no idea why i keep stealing all your favorite marvel characters.
    Don't hurt me ;_;
    Awesome :D
    Now you can prank call Lash xD

    Also I want to practice making avitars

    If you get me an image and tell me what kinda avi you want I would love to make you one......and if it sucks and you don't wanna use it it's no big deal :)

    Anyway, sorry for not gettin' you a gift. Tight on $$$ right now ^^' don't worry, i swear i'll get you something great.
    This is a post from box in Hoshi's Failtastic Thread of Wut

    Violence! :falcon:HYESZ!
    So is he a brandon too?
    Ello 17 if your still interested, I have a new Brawl FC code that I need you to have, and i'll be sure to add you back. Been a while hope you're up for some brawling one day. :3

    Yah, the pony stuff freaked me out at first to, but then I watch the show and was like "meh I see how people like it" then decided to get a pony avi for the lulz

    I've been great :D in my spare time I just practice Mario kart and play goldeneye wii......But I don't get much free time :o
    hbebyb btbhbebrbeb

    tbablbkbibnbgb ibnb rbubkbibab'bsb sbebcbrbebtb cbobdbeb fbtbwb! :bDb
    We don't really have accents.....we talk like the regular people on tv and in movies :3

    There is no way I could go all the way to AK to go to a smash tourney :/ it's just too expensive and my parents prob wouldn't be comfortable with it being so far away :(

    Are you and lash going?
    Brw If I'm ever in your state I'll send you and lash a message :D

    That's awesome you have lots of land to do things on :)
    We don't much flat land in my town....we have lots of mountains and hills that are fun
    Not really :(
    I live in a little town thats about 2 hours from phoinix(going left on the map) in Arizona......I think we have about three states between us D:
    Our town is pretty crazy.....we are like a tourist town with a bunch of historic stuff :3

    What's it like where you live? Lol I bet you guys have funny accents xD
    That's ok :3
    Don't you hate it when stuff like that happens
    One time I spent lots of time on a linerider track and the right before I finished they updated there program and the track no longer worked D:
    I hope your coaster turns out cool :)
    Some of those roller coasters on YouTube are crazy 0_o they make me dizzy watching them
    What kinda things have you made in minecraft? I would get minecraft but my comp is too old and slow.

    I do want other-m and I have the money.....I just dont have the time to play it :/
    I've never even heard of league of legends :o

    And metroid is awesome :3 I love that series too
    I haven't played other-m or Starcraft 2 D:

    Also have you played minecraft?

    Lol everything ends with craft XD
    No prob :)

    Yah, I'm playing Goldeneye wii(mostly the online modes) and then donkey kong country returns(I'm co-oping it with my little sis and it is crazy fun, most vivid and fun platformer I have ever played :D

    How bout you? :o
    What's your series?
    Boards have been slow and boring for me lately....so I need someone to chat with :D

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