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  • Hey come back, mullins you have three new people who want to join. You're the only one who can host the tournaments. I can't host any, so here's hoping that you come back sometime this week. If not, i'll know that you quit, and i'll stop coming.
    I won't be on today maybe next week too. i just got grounded, by my mother who's being a B****· I'm kinda mad now so srry if i sound obscene about it. I may still be mad a couple days after too.
    I forgot to ask, since it's august, when do you plan to give out rewards as you stated in the revival of blokes thread?
    aww I thought the tourney was today. hmm alright and thanks, if I can place first, cuz I still have threats like shamrock and sectumsempra.
    ok here's xiroey's mains, he has a lot: pokemon trainer, pit, bowser, D3, Kirby, GaW, Pikachu, link, fox, falco, diddy, olimar and samus.
    I know his main is pokemon trainer, but he also has some other mains, i'm just waiting for him to reply then i'll tell you, as for the tourney, it didn't happen. When ajefk said he hadn't gotten sleep for 2 days. then at 4:11 p.m yesterday he logged off, guess he fell asleep.
    I need to ask you something, since we were short on ppl, I need you to sign xiroey on the otl participants list, i went to the arena and asked everyone to join but they left, then xiroey came in and said he'd join. he went to the otl and tried to join but he didn't know how to get in. So can you please sign him in? Btw ajefk fell asleep an hour later lol.
    We only have 4 participants, I guess the ones who aren't coming think it's postponed from the last time they read it.
    Okay, thanks for the warning, I don't think anyone else will bother hosting it, especially any of the offline tourney organizers.
    I got fourth. The person who beat me is a good player so I'm not mad about it. I still made a decent sum of money.
    thanks for notifying me, but I had an offline tournament today, haha. otherwise I would have gone to yours
    yeah about that, I was waiting then I was told to take dogs out, the next thing I know when I come back from outside, I find a message saying I was disconnected when I was on brawl Wi-Fi. So I go out of full screen only to find the net was shut off on me. I asked my mom why she shut it off, and she says don't worry about it. I'm srry if I made you think I left.
    Hey mullins, I hope this weekend will be great for you, see you on Saturday in the xat chat at 3 or 4PM
    hey today's Saturday, are you going to be hosting or is there something that'll come up to prevent you from hosting? Please let us know when you get on sometime.
    hey what happened, I knew I was gonna be absent, but you weren't in the xat, mind if I ask what happened?
    The journey to Smash 4 has been tough, the adventure to the Smash 5 will be a whole other story.
    i already found out, he lives in Oklahoma, their timezone is central-one hour behind eastern.
    check my post in the thread. I can help you make it more organized for next week or tomorrow if you come online.
    yeah, also what timeframe is australia categorized in? It concerns my friend, is it eastern, pacific, etc. Please let me know so i can tell him.
    I'll join, just don't forget to put me in, otherwise there'll be no games for me, as one of the participants told me lol.
    i'll ask him again and give him the link, but I doubt he'll know how to sign up, can he just post a separate post and include his mains?
    he's a rival and friend, I asked him but he hasn't got back to me, I assume his parents won't let him join.
    i know I wouldn't be able to run a tourney, all I know is global-wolf redid the brackets and everything got messed up later on, I didn't say it's your fault. I think he just rushes things y'know.
    From what happened today, idk if i'll join another tourney next week, I also have another tourney to prepare for over on aib, hosted by Sonic the hedgehog, his friend Ragor will be there as well, looks like i'll sit out on next week's, srry.
    I just left him a message saying it'll start at three, but idk if he's still on the forums, I think he's offline
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