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  • You guys should let me back in the group for old time's sake. I was a co-founder with highfive if you remember. :P
    Oh, I just saw the past tense in the description and assumed it was meant as an epitaph. So is it really just you and Kupo left?
    A lot of people I know don't even go on anymore I'm surprised your online. We should play online sometime, if your up for it.
    We use to play together online. I left for a while then came back for smash 4. Why do you think I'm one of the first guys that followed you.
    Would you like to join me and Quests online tournament for The Lazy Blokes. The thread is dry but were thinking of either making it new again or by making a new tournament that has a simliar feel and style to it, If you want to join contact me.
    Start chatting in Falcon Boards again or the Smash Arena since you play online. Dunno how long HOR will be back since Bio is apparently the only one that's doing anything with this site.

    As for the follower/following thing. It's seperate from 'friends'. People can see what you post/like/VM/clop/etc so just turn it off under the Settings > Privacy section.

    Do that and I will flood your wall with ponies. Social groups will be back though. I hope.

    Oh and have some :088: spam for old times sake.

    :088::088::088::088::088::mad088::088::088::088: :088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::cool088::088::088::088: :088::088::088::088::088::mad088::088::088::088: :088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::cool088::088::088::088: :088::088::088::088::088::mad088::088::088::088: :088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::088::cool088::088::088::088:

    I couldn't agree more with that review.

    Seriously what the... anthem. >.< :133::134::135::136::196::197::drwtf:
    Glad you liked it, the manga is still going he (I) get into a lot more funnier situations.

    Try Higurashi it has a plot.
    Its a mystery/horror (not really scary though) with 2 seasons 4 if you count the 3rd and 4th seasons with only five episodes each.
    Glad you like it. Hey don't laugh at my cartoon self he doesn't appreciate the real.
    I am the God of Conquest and don't you forget that.

    Hmm I might be able to find an anime that might fit that description.
    Some people say I relate to the main protagonist in that series so I checked it out and I kinda do with how I act with the girls at my school and ever since then I followed it.(Also I kind of look like him in some ways its kinda weird) >.<

    Hmm I dont think I know any that would interest you but, what kind of anime do you watch or like?

    Im an all around type of person that can adapt to the situation so my interests knows no bounds
    Yeah Good Games sorry I went toon link I really dont use him that much and for some reason I main him >.<
    [collapse= Shame on you][IMG][/collapse]

    y u no approve scott pilgrim..:glare:
    I'm so sorry I never responded to you, (I don't know why I did that) and now that I read how I made my first impression with you, (if that was the first impression) I see that I was a little rude... so I'm sorry about that too.

    Btw, whats the name of the anime that guy is from in your avi? All that I know is that he's Dracula lol. :3
    Happy Thanksgiving, Slader ^__^! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner that's full of happiness ^__^! Keep being awesome, and make sure you eat a lot :D!
    Hello ^__^.
    I've been really busy, so I haven't had much time to come here ^^;. I miss you guys XD.
    My Halloween month was fun, thanks for asking ^__^. How about yours?
    No one is supposed to take MY emo corner. :glare:

    LOL @ desk.

    And I've been around. Finally decided to log into SWF again to see what's going on.
    so it has been some time my arch nemesis, sometime as in about a year and a half lol. we shld wifi soemtime, i got lotsa stories for ya. i actually dont play much anymore but i was ranked in norcal when i played last summer, and i picked up falcon cuz hes awesome, so we shld have epic falcon dittos.

    this is FZ, Forever Zero btw lol
    Hai there!

    i know you like Hellsing, and i found this on Youtube, and thought you might wanna see it ^_^ (i'm guessing you've probably already seen it by now anyway tho ^^')
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