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  • Hey DTK, it's nice to see you again, I still remember when you helped me out with ike back in the arena two years ago. Still, I'm glad you're back.
    I never left, just had to rearrange things.
    What an absurd set of rules you have made. Cheap but I know you need the handicap for you need feeble settings to beat ME. Fine but I hope you enjoy sleeping in your car and driving me all the way to Taco Bell.

    I see. Well I'm already planning my arrangements for it. If you want help...actually, if you actually accept my help, let me know. Pretty sure that one person will be there...
    Oh Calvin, you have such imaginative fantasies. Well, I have a hotel room reserved for Apex so keep that in mind. If you're going to come to Brawley so I can humiliate you, do it when I'm on school vacation or when fall term ends, I'm going to be busy class wise all week minus Friday.
    From your friends Grey and Viper we hope you are having a great and relaxing day at home.

    Oh and Grey says to close your eyes open wide and suck it.
    I was going to buy it today...

    Actually just ordered it online so I'll have it in a couple days.

    That picture is amazing. And the characters are equally awesome.
    I'd rather do somehing more... embarrassing. Getting the final killcam by laying next to them and self-C4ing. feelsgoodman.jpg
    Not even the most enthusiastic camping fanatic could draw me out. They better stock up, and have a pretty good tent.:applejack:
    Or you can just rate camping "Fo" for **** only. Thus, if they camp, they are asking for it.:applejack:
    I'm pretty sure you need to come take a visit to my humble home and we can change your mind about that.
    Well good for you. I'll be reading up on literature...Good old fashion books. Word to the wise, if you procrastinate too long, the price will go up. Meanwhile, I'll be buying my ticket by next week. :glare:
    Well too bad, have patience. The only thing I know iqs there are peroidical reststops. There's no hotel rooms, it's all one consistant ride...besides the rest stops and bus switches. Well, if we take the Thursday bus, we're pretty much going to Houstion all the way from California. *Hasn't ridden a bus either*
    Actually, I looked that up. If we each take the Thursday bus, while your bus won't stop at El Centro, my bus gets off at Indio and we take the same two buses all the way to Houston.
    Well Wal Mart sells Credit and Debit prepaid cards...Same station? I'm confused. I'm taking the El Centro stationnear my hometown, what station are you taking? Damn, I need to get my 360 soon. Talking on Live is better.
    Greyhound idea? You're taking my idea? You scoundrel. With regards to notpaying with credit card, I was going to tell you that you can always buy a prepaid credit card if you need to pay for something with CC. Carpool...you mean once the tourney's done and we need to leave to the station?
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