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C.S. Dinah
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  • Getting real close to 12 years there, boyo. Shoutouts to the last three posts on your wall being me commenting on how old your account is getting.
    >Joined 26 Sept, 2007
    Almost nine years bruh. The Smash Gramps title is coming into view now.
    >Joined 26 Sept, 2007
    Almost eight years in bruh. Should get like... Smash Gramps title :smirk:
    I started looking at the Rosalina and Luma boards on here.... the vortex is calling. Not gonna shell out for a WiiU though. Already have a 3DS so.....

    *Pocket Smash Vortex Intensifies*
    Navigating is not too bad. It's just that there's so much unnecessary crap now and most people I assume mainly use User CP to go around the forum isn't able to anymore. Plus I dunno what's going with VMs without the "Conversation" button. The "Comment" is stupid.

    This site is also horrendously laggy.

    And the damn Alerts link doesn't work half the time.

    Well instead of what you wanna do. What can you do right now?

    Looks cute/interestin. Post if you want. HOR activity is on n' off, not much I can do other than keep Grey's hand off it (I don't care if he sees this).

    Been staying at the university's residence for the past semester.

    It's why I'm a bit more active here. What have you been doing?

    And the blues! My first VM to you was about the blue lol. gRape names were awesome, then they had to take it away... Stating how the :workshop: icons served the username colour's purpose but then even that got abolished too. Like, if people were to see our profiles, they wouldn't know we were Tournament Directors and Workshop BRoomers once cause that's all gone. Every other user group colour were exempt from that rule for some queer reason but we were the ones that got ****ed over. So much rage.

    I assumed they were too easy (herp derp my otl tourney lol) and could've just... Raised the requirements. Such a lazy way out. Seen the Group Memberships on the User CP? Everything is gooonnneee (well not really) D: I remember seeing it first time and sought them as colours to work towards. Nothing to do now, brawl's pretty dead to me (blame wifi lag, BF3 and no scene), probably now to just sit and wait for Smash 4.

    Ranted Rambled a bit much ehh...

    Went on kc:mm for nostalgia kicks. Remember when we made texture threads? Gooood times. Checked the Sonic textures on Brawlvault and... Same old **** different day *sigh*. Y do ppl make moar shadews//?

    Surprised my textures are still on page 3 onwards (hell yesss). Too bad the DLs are broken though and I can't fix them. Oh well.

    You silly children and your Hard drive disc's. I'll download it but i'm gonna need a different flashdrive i can buy another 4 GB from a friend who doesn't need one and i hardly get to play BF3 as well but no johns i'll get it :]
    Patch is out for Battlefield 3 now. Have not seen USAS12+Frag yet. They nerfed my Famas to a frikkin cheese grater. 31 bullets to 26 and the recoil is harsh as hell.

    Indeed. Good thing it's getting nerfed after the upcoming big patch (whenever that is...). USAS :metaknight: 55:45 FAMAS :pikachu2: imo


    Have you mastered how to be wary of your surroundings yet? :298:

    Some BF3 videos you might like/find helpful.

    There's 2 starter weapons for each side depending if you're on the American (MK11 MOD) or Russian (SVD) side. You have to level each rifle seperately.

    Like on the Assault Class, USA has the M16A3 whereas the Russians have the AK74M.

    You should hop on BF3 earlier imo so we can play.

    And yeah, some later guns are better but they also have their drawbacks. I still use the M16A3 despite unlocking all of the Assault Class rifles since it has the most manageable recoil, has the fastest rate of fire (besides the Famas) and reload speed.

    4A000000 90172E20
    16YYYYYY 0000000A
    ZZZZ0000 00000000
    E0000000 80008000

    Each character is 2 bytes (4 hex digits), the encoding use is basically
    the ASCII value + 0xFEE0, except that "space" is 3000.
    Y is 0x0124*(name_number-1). The best way to determine the name_number is
    at Data/Records/Group Records/pg. 4

    I need help with the Y part... I want it to change my first name. Thanks!

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