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C.S. Dinah
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  • Oooh I'll keep that in mind. Yours looks nice. You can still call me 2link if you want haha, I just felt like being a lil different.

    The rosalina render I randomly found somewhere lol. I cut it out of its original picture with polygonal select. I got the picture of Mario Galaxy textured FD from running Dolphin(in HD for the best quality lol) and taking a screen cap.

    All I did was just add a glow by copying the Rosie render to another layer(so it fit perfectly around her), blur it and make it completely cyan. After that I just made a bottom layer for FD and positioned the picture accordingly in the 100x100px square for the avi.

    Wups poor wording on my part lol. I meant 'moving elsewhere' as in switching ISP.

    And for some reason I still have internet, not sure whether or not if that's a good thing. Should've been cut off yesterday.

    Also, did you send me a replay? Cause my Wii flashed but it's not in my replays in Brawl.

    Got pissed off at my ISP, told them to cut off my internet cause I'll be moving elsewhere. Imagine having your speed reduced to this every month.

    And having to phone them up everytime this happens.

    So mad.

    Aw boieee... Kill set ups. :ohwell: Kirby doesn't have anything that's a fo-sure. Although, you will see other Kirby's try D-air>F-smash, or D-tilt>F-smash. Yeah, that'll work... on wi-fi, or ignorant people. If you're lucky and D-tilt trips then you got a chance to KO with F-smash. B-air can KO but with it being used as an important move to Kirby that that thing will get uber stale. Something guaranteed, is a D-air>Footstool gimp. That works like a charm.

    Here, I just wanted to share my idol with ya. ^______________^
    You might learn something, cause I did. I whooole bunch!
    *Sees below* Wow, it was your burfday??? Hope you had a blast! =]

    Kirby's worst match-up is Ice Climbers (Large disadvantage). As you know, it has to be played as a hit, run, bait, punish and most important, patient match. Kirby can practically get shield grabbed out of practically every move. His other match-up are disadvantages. An uphill battle but certainly not unwinable. Characters that are in this category are G&W, Olimar, Marth, Lucario, Meta Knight, Snake. Other small disadvantaged match-ups are; Lucario, ZSS, Toon Link and Wolf. The rest are even-ish or in our favor with a small or moderate advantage. Overall, Kirby is a pretty balanced character as far as match-ups go. Also, it's the match-up knowledge that counts, too, but you probably know that already. :)

    One tidbit, I'll give you that he can do. I recently found this out myself while in the Kirby boards... Ah-hem but Kirby has a little Boost toss. It's not a glide toss but rather a jump canceled item toss. It's not far but it's moderate. I like it. It's pretty cool. Try it out! :bee:
    Ah yes, heheh, sure! What can Kirby do? Hmmm... he *****. :lol:

    Anyway, yeah, if you need any info or tips you can send them my way. I'll give you some right now.
    Kirby carries phantom lag when he does his Down-B (Stone) or Side-B (Hammer) on the ground or in the air. So if you use that move be careful where you land. Thankfully, Kirby has a good recovery so you won't always need to use Hammer to return to the stage. Kirby is mostly an "A" button character. His tilts, and airials are pretty good and fairly quick. Kirby doesn't really have any disjointed moves (ommitting Up-B but that move is laggy and is a recovery tool FIRST over anything) so you'll either clash or lose against another move. Oh and B-air, a LOT; out-of-shield, gimp, punish, wall. Reverse-airial-rush is useful with Kirby. You can double jump out of a well buffered short hopped b-air. Overall, Kirby has a great set-ups with his grab, F-throw>U-air, D-throw>U-Tilt. Believe it or not but Kirby can double jump right after his B-throw that you might sometimes land a B-air or U-air depending on your opponents DI. Kirby isn't a hard counter-pick character against anyone but isn't really ***** against anyone unless it's IC's...

    Heheh, wow I just spit out a lot at you. I'll be glad to share any more, just ask away. :)
    It was great hanging with you at HOBO32 man. We need more days like that where we can just chill and eat wendy's haha...
    Mom fail. :/

    At a friends place right now but i've been trying to talk her into returning the wired modem and exchanging for a wireless adapter. Funny thing is she's getting my sister a laptop for her birthday...Yeah she didn't think it through very well.
    I'll see what i can do.

    So while we're still alive and well...Didja miss me?
    I can.

    Looked up the price range their being sold in and they range in the $29-40's, You sure their $20?
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