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professor mgw
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  • I still got my wii and my Brawl still works... my skill may not be the same but I will try buddy idk if im good but im still practicing alot. I've been thinking of an old friend lately. I hope they are alright and I hope that ur alright too buddy
    Would you like to join me and Quests online tournament for The Lazy Blokes. The thread is dry but were thinking of either making it new again or by making a new tournament that has a simliar feel and style to it, If you want to join contact me.
    professor mgw
    professor mgw
    As much as I would like to, I don't think my online connection would be good enough. That's cool that you guys are bringing it back though, hope it goes well.
    Thats ok, maybe if you get a better connection you can join then.
    Im feeling better it just that bloodclog on my left thigh, and jist a stomach infection and diabetes... Im doing ok and im really want to thank God im here right now ^^ So how u been buddy? And happy New year
    Hi Professor its me DK I still play brawl but i do know i might not be a challenge to u but i do miss brawling competitive like. and I just made it home not to long ago and I was away for 2 months because i was in a hospital in a diabetic Coma and alot of other health issues like a heart attack bloodsugar extremely high and some organ failure v.v
    ROFL Im replying over 11 months from when you messaged me. Sorry I havent had much time to Brawl. Hopefully this summer I can reunite to the game. I fear my skill are terrible now. (as if they weren't already bad) Over the course of the year... I've played LoL and Vindictus besides that I sorta played some old DS games.
    Considering we play for Rhyme's lol tourney just tell me when you can do our set I'm generally free everyday not tuesday from 4:30 to 8:00 EC
    I watched Air a long time ago... I don't remember it too well, but I liked the beginning. The end confused me though, kinda like with most animes based off a visual novel.
    Kanon's anime confused me past episode 20

    I guess i'm bias too since I didn't play Kanon's VN, but Kanon's VN art models were not pleasant for me to look at.. so I like Clannad significantly more.
    Yea, I'm a Tomoyo and Kyou fan though. But I do like Kotomi too. Fuuko is a bit.. childish for me
    If enough people send me orders to do by the 21st of December then I'll goto Apex and people wont have to pay the Additional shipping cost.
    Those aren't custom controller prices, those prices are for prints that I "was" gonna sell, I'm not sure if I'll be attending the event.
    Got bored of COD, I mostly just do zombies on Blops.
    I would brawl but there's never anyone on.
    and I shall eat :3
    In theory.

    There are a lot of schools of thought as to what dream figures/characters really are. The best I can offer in regards to this is to read Robert Waggoner's book on lucid dreaming (I think it's called Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self). The book, featuring zero about HOW to get lucid, talks about what to do while lucid that is beyond the playing with the dream environment stuff.
    LOL my firend went on my pc. XD ignore the last message. I mean. I will mm if you want. But. Those are not my words. Sorry about that.
    Im trying to moneymatch all olimars at apex, are you going? If so moneymatch any amount. All olimars except L Cancel are free, ill be rolling in $$$
    If the tourney ever starts, please tell me. I'm not going to be keeping up with anything Brawl related for a good, good while. If it doesn't start within the period of two weeks, please remove me from the entry list.
    Ugh, that old song. Ancient. Can't be stuck at Look at Me Now forever, mate. I've got money to blow.
    Hmmm... I probably might not be able to be on the Xat. You think sH33n can? Hmmm... sH33n should be hosting the games whenever we play for me to do this. :ohwell:
    I'll try to contact him. See if you can tell him too please.
    ok, today, im really home until 1:30pm est, then i have to go for an hour or so and then ill be around a while after that :)
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