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  • oh ok:)
    I have wireless, so I have no idea how much that is going to cost you :/
    a wifi connection thingy? iunno like 50 bucks or something. and yes my blog post is totally awesome ^^
    yes I would defenatly like to brawl:)

    my friend code: 3050-9951-8920

    whats yours?
    Well, as Olimar I grab a lot but I also throw the Pikmin too

    I would say yes for him being in the next Smashbros. He's too good, he had better be in there.
    For Olimar: Don't spam smashes or throws, but use throws sometimes cuz they can start up good combos, use aereols cuz they can disrupt attacks, only pluck Pikmin when opponent is clearly out of the way, his recovery can be used to disrupt opponents from recovering, but it limits his ability too.
    sorry didn't see your reply.
    wellllll... spam projectiles. Zair is good for spacing and some setups. ftilt is a good move. it has pretty good speed, power and range, especially when pivot boosted. he can DACUS. utilt is good for jugging. his bair, nair are good setups and edgeguarders. fair does decent damage. his dair is strong. With good DI you should be living to around 150% each stock depending on the opponent. His recovery sucks. it really holds him back from doing well.

    that's it in a nutshell.
    oh man. i remember i was tight on da day brawl came out. they had da very first annual brawl tournament at best buy! comes 2 find out, u had 2 B 19 years old or up to play. but it was still cool though. people who didn't play n da tournament could still play each other. so i never lose but won 23 matches. where was dis touney u entered?
    I think that Christmas is a day where you spend time with your family and exchange gifts, it has many definitions and this is just one. No, Jesus wasn't born on that day.
    thats Quina from FinalFantasy 9. most entertaining character in the game ^^
    wanna play?
    I just had too many fights with two people, I need a break. I'll see if I can brawl you tomorrow though. I grew up as a Christian, its only natural (to me) that I would seem real close my religion.
    i mean playing AS link. im professor mgw(, just someone who loves 2 play brawl. my favorite character is a.k.a destroyer of nations! i asked u because link is my third favorite and i need 2 know different things people know about link. i found u n a social group.
    ...? erhem. what!?
    do you mean playing as link, or playing against link?
    also who are you?
    who is your character?
    why did you ask me?
    how did you find me?
    yo, join da real brawlers social group! i know ma benifical glitches and secret moves dat WON'T mess up your wii!
    yo i'll play ya! i might not be able to though i gots to do school stuff. and if you respond, do it on my page so i can tell if you responded, cause there's no way i'm checking back here randomly
    Okay I'll repost it; 2191 7479 9365. If you ever see me online you can request a battle by telling me. I'll almost always accept.
    Hey do you wanna brawl? My code is 2191 7479 9365. Tell me if you added me Thanks and have a good night (i'll still be on though).
    u seem pretty nice. could u tell me how to connect wit u regularly and talk about brawl? like, who's your favorite character? mine's is olimar.
    Thank you for the comments on the pics of mine. You seem to have a high standard in what makes quality pictures, but that's what I like about you. A little tough love never hurt anyone.
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