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  • Yeah! :) I have some pretty gay working hours but I can be free any given weekend. I dont know if I gave you my number yet or not because Im on the internet on my phone, but its 843-834-0919. I work noon-midnight weekdays but like I say, literally ANY weekend. I could play THIS weekend if youd like. I wish this touch-screen keyboard had an apostrophe. Oh wells. Give me a ring sometime dude! I look forward to hearing from ya.
    Asdioh is making a kirby "combo" vid from any vids anyone gives him. He wants them to be good quality, and you have a capture card and at least a few replays from when you played Kirby more of you being rapeass:). ...And no one else has a capture card, so we can send our replays to you. What do you think?
    Sorry it took me so long to respond. We should get together and play some Melee. :) Regularly! I don't know the area very well though...
    Lol there's always something to do. I'm always busy.
    I've been playing Mother 3 recently. The story line is pure genius.
    fine too lol i was a lil worry but now im happy to you are fine too
    Read through Hilt's guide, it'll help you figure out which stage gives you the best pikmin for the best job. Hope I helped :)
    Lol, blue pikmin ftw

    Its rather easy to get KOs there because of the water, get mah drift(lol water and drift)? :D
    Its connected now though, but I can only do one match at the moment.

    Sorry about that match that I quitted, my friend left the items on lol. Also, I hate BF! I can't focus on that stage because of the mass amount of platforms.
    hi a time without talk o i forgot to mention but we miss you in the omelet's ok in both and well how you been in this while fine i wish ?
    yo, im trying to help out the smash scene in SC and it would be nice for you to join our myspace group. we feel myspace is the best way to reach the largest amount of people :D plz join to help us out:

    sup, i see you live in SC!
    me and my friends are trying to start up a smash scene here and wed like to try to get all the help we can. if you interested plz join our myspace group:

    yo wats up man...if you play smash 64 im tryin to get a tournament together in Charlotte...if interested just get back to me
    hi yoshi kirby well try in this days to send a invite with motherfan ok he accept the my yesterday ok
    usd i write it bad sorry was lags usd my bad and well im happy to heard it because i know you and also you have a very good skills is just for the mean lags pro that a lil annoying and well may bad for write it worng lag ok i will edited for you and me don´t have any problem ok
    o i see but well maybe is for the lags i don´t like that too but well animo ok and well maybe that was if not well maybe someone say a bad thing i know that so don´t feel bad for that ok that people well is just to ignore it because they don´t know it too much for that so animo animo animo ok yoshi kirby trust me without that maybe we never meet because in the start we meet with that and went i was feeling a lil bad because i was think that i was for me fault a friend don{t conected but you help me to trust in me with a brawls and that words of animo for motivate me so come on ok you are better for let a bad thing decide something about you ok yoshi kirby is your choose but i know that you can do it later later you come back because for be honest the school is making a lil more pressure each day so if you need help with that i will be happily help you ok no matter what i will do the best for help you ok no matter what so animo animo animo
    o well maybe is for some problems with the wifi but maybe you can later who knows so won't give up ok animo animo animo yoshikirby animo animo animo
    the one where you said
    "TOO LATE! Owned" (top of page 2 on my profile)
    as for the main, go ask Veril who it is =]
    well, as of today, i finally decided on a main :)
    and your message yesterday finally makes sense( i checked the Q+A thread)
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