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  • I've been a Super Mod for a really long time, haha. Kinda surprised that you didn't know this by now.

    Regardless, thanks. :D
    We could just use the one from last time. That is if they still have it. I doubt it. We could just start from scratch. 2 attacks per character!
    WE should start hurt and heal just for old times sake?
    but you know
    a legit one
    not a stupid +1 -1
    Idk, off doin' stuff. As if I cared about them as a group, and not what the stood for and the implications.
    So was hitting me with a combination of False Swipe and Surf and expecting me to already be down to minimal HP, especially with leftovers and Leach Seed recovering my HP. Those moves indicate a mixed sweeper, and I can honestly say that a defensive pokemon set up like mine (especially on what was likely a grass type due to to Leach Seed) made it far more improbable that I would be at minimum HP after two hits, one of which was likely to be ineffective (surf). Not a bad start at trying to catch me, though. :-)
    THRILLA uses Sleep Talk! THRILLA uses Double Team! THRILLA becomes more evasive!

    THRILLA's health was restored from the Leach Seed!
    THRILLA uses Leach Seed! A1lion was seeded!

    THRILLA's health was restored from the Leach Seed!

    THRILLA's HP was restored with leftovers!
    U rite, u rite. The only reason you're not a Sage IS BECAUSE I ****ING SAID SO. -cough-, it's because...'cause.
    Aww, I thought you wouldn't remember. :(

    You win this time, but I'll be back...
    Oh, I didn't know you had access to the ModCP, A1. Now I cannot hide the fact that the multiple permanent penalty infractions as well as the super ban infractions are all fake and don't exist. :troll:
    Excessive spam = permanent ban with no chance at being unbanned, and it's at our discretion when and where to use it. :troll:
    I think the biggest troll move here is how I won't be here for your plans to function. No other active Kirby regular acts like I do. :troll::troll::troll::troll::troll:
    Wow, what else do you do on your free time besides look at the top replies for that thread? :troll:
    mmmmm That's a nice looking toaster. But a waste of money too, since a frying pan does that same work and more. ;)

    As always, my level of technology beats yours.

    I'm so sorry you think so. You're in for a shock my young friend if you think it looks like that :P
    When I give match-up data it gets snubbed because everyone is about a year behind the meta game. Trolling, on the other hand, is at an advanced level of play with many people at the top of their game.
    Does it matter? It's a copy-pasta and I was busy opening + getting it ready to post, and posting every 30 seconds. Opening more, repeat... Blah.

    Welllll A1, I don't really care to much for the Kirby boards anymore. They're stagnant. But I'ma defend my project if someone is *****ing.
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