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Sage JoWii
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  • By the way, I've been meaning to ask you about something I saw when I was stalking the Kirby boards a short time ago:

    Wellllllll, my wife is the problem.
    I HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE MARRIED. How long has it been like this?
    That's why I said we can room in a hotel for a day and that I'd help with your total gas money, cuz that's a lot of driving for you.
    JoWii, how'd you like to go to a tournament on either February 11th or February 18th? Me and Blackwaltz would go with you, and we can help you with the gas money you spend between your house and the tourney, both ways (I know it's a lot of money, I'd feel guilty if I didn't help you out and you gave us a ride). If it's too far, I'll keep looking for a tourney we can go to that's closer for you.

    If you agree on the 11th one, we can leave the day before the tourney and rent a hotel near the tourney for the day so you don't have to drive 12+ hours in one day.

    If you agree on the 18th one, we can rent a hotel after the tourney for a day and leave the next day for the same reason (I'd bring my Wii and a TV, yeaaaa!). If they change the date of the 18th one to the 19th, then we room in a hotel the day before instead.

    Why those two days? Navy stuff prevents us from doing it any other day. :(

    What do you say? I'll help you out with a bunch of the money, all I want is to play Brawl. :D
    Actually, they seem to have officially disbanded. They avoided mentioning that it was because they were about to get screwed legally, but I think everyone anticipated that.

    I appreciated what they said they stood for too, man. It would've been great if they had actually been the Robinhood of the internet and had actually succeeded. Too bad neither of those were true.
    Jon Lajoie is a singer who is kind of a troll (he has a song called "Show Me Your Genitals").
    No problem with quitting the boards, man, you shouldn't be committed to that place anyway. Technically, only me and fromundaman should be there all the time, so it's cool. And I'll definitely try and be a part of the IL scene, since I'll be here for almost a year and I definitely don't want to stay in my compartment bored all through that year. So, we shall meet soon, and we shall exchange Kirby secrets!
    les hang out tomorrow..... idk if my internet will work lol but i have nottin going on so ill be here whenever lollllllll
    kk heading over to ya uncles in a sec also my internets is soooooooooooooo gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy but its starting to kind of work lol
    just got home -_________________-

    you should head over and we cacn hit dat ceiling =DDDDDDDD

    but wait a lil while to come over imma shower and eat dinnah first sooooo like 1215ishh
    that sounds amazing anddd not at all worth driving a billion hours back to texass for the 2309423094834th time.

    y dont kewl shows like that come to stl -______________________-

    also i am awake and its 8am wtfffff
    im not going to wills until later but you can head over here for a little while if you wanna

    lolololololollolololoololol i h8 u ill still come over though bc imma be up all night anyways lol
    i can come over. are you at your uncles? idk if you took your wii or if i should bring any gaymes or que?
    looooooooooooooool =[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

    k you can quit but you gotta go out with a bang :DDDDDDDDDDDD

    also can't do anything tonight D:
    Sorry, there is no way to reset your score to 0, but points fade in time so bad results (and all results) from before should start to have a lesser impact just as time moves on. If you've been having good results lately then be sure to check those tournaments have been added :)
    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pal andrew and trevor are coming over tonight :DDDDD ill be home around 8:30 and then hopefully we can get some droink mario party going on lololololoollolololooo
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