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Sage JoWii
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  • I'm sure no one's done this before, but... Thanks for doing the MU exports and keeping it up. I know no one usually thinks of how annoying it is to write up summaries and read through bunches of posts, and I understand how tiring it can be especially considering you're gaining nothing out of it, so I thought I should at least thank you for it. ;)

    Yeah, I'm using the MU threads to do some reading, and so are other people! Keep it up, they're already being used! And I'm writing some summaries of what I find each individual MU to be like. I'll post them as I write them in the MU thread, and if you want, you can post them in collapse tags below your MU summaries. They're pretty big write-ups!
    I wouldn't even call it trolling, it's more like minor spam. His trolling attempts are more insulting in how bad they are, than in how he's trying to make fun of us. ;)
    You're right, Kirby's worst MU is Megaman. D:

    I'll be getting internet this week, and getting active on SWF again (finally)! So, I'll be cleaning up the Kirby boards soon. I see a lot of infraction-worthy crap going on. *looks at t1mmy*

    And my pupil (mentoring program) died (metaphorically).
    After your flame wa--er, intelligent discussion about MUs, a new topic was awkward to introduce.
    yo jowii i saw your post in the kirby thread and i wanted to ask you a question get on skype imo
    ugh I ahte to be such a ***** but I played so stupid when I was high for singles, I'd never tried it before and it went so badly
    and we shall smoke more <3 mooching is for ***s so if I'm gonna smoke with you I'll throw you cash regardless of your consent!
    we'll have a rematch with my mk/diddy when i'm sober with a working controller

    lack of a c stick=di/aerial/glide toss failure
    just chillin... cant wait till i start goin to tournies again.. o how i missed goin to tournies lol... how bout u?
    vVv Denyce is Fino and yeah, he's a douche.
    After I posted what I posted, I actually IMed him to tell him to not post in there because I saw him looking at it and didn't have the time to post more, but he didn't listen.
    Thanks :D . DH is definitely really time-consuming, but I have a lot of time when I'm procrastinating to do stuff like that xD . Things that I'm interested in and have studied in at least a bit of depth I can debate pretty strong cases about, but I feel like I'm just making generalizations with what little knowledge I have in my other posts.

    There are a lot of sub-par debaters in the Hall O_o . It'll be a shame to see another of the good ones leaving...
    Thanks :D :D . You've got lots of amazing posts in the DH, the government thread is really interesting. There are a lot of things which people broadly just accept but are really complicated beneath the surface, and you've done a really good job analyzing this one. The problem with the world is that lots of stuff is ill-defined X_X .
    Well, I did have another account before the one I have now. So you're my first VM in like 4 years lol. Pretty ready for HD, can't wait. Is it ok if I can get your number and address? With the number of people at future's i wouldn't be surprised if we wanted to crash somewhere else instead. My number is (715) 937-4044
    The Fox summary's up ^_^ . It's a bit lacking, but t1mmy's going to be awesome and do write-ups for Fox and Ike on AiB in the near future, so I can steal stuff from him. xD

    The Ike summary's going along fine, but I don't think it'll quite be finished by tomorrow night, which is the start of Rosh Hashana (big Jewish holiday, and I can't use my compy for 3 days...). I'll try to get it done, though.
    Hmmm... both of those I know how to team with!

    Also, just realized, it also depends on whether or not Links24 has a partner or not, since if I go he will too, and last time we teamed, our TL/Kirby team was too good XD
    That's a couple if's, and I don't know dual Kirby team at all, but sure, why not?

    Might want to try to do some friendlies 1st though to see if you want to wager money with someone like me.
    Just a heads-up, I'm going to be traveling until Monday night, so the Ike + Fox summaries won't be getting worked on much, but I've gotten a good amount of work on them already. I might not be able to do D3 though :urg: ...I'll do some other summary, I promise!
    dats cool maine =).. as for me im still tryin to find a way to unlock sonic's true potential of his game
    lol, I wasn't being entirely serious :p . But no, it's not my job to do the matchup stuff, it's your job, and you probably can't risk giving me too much responsibility because of how lazy I am. Maybe I'll write a summary here or there, but that's it. :)
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