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Sage JoWii
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  • Running the MU thread again is fun ^_^ . It helps that we haven't gotten a lot of discussion (so I don't feel overrun by all the posts), though that'll bite me in the butt later. So I guess this means independent research time with t1mmy (no homo, hopefully). I might even ask to do this more often...but that would just get really awkward, really fast.
    lol, thanks... Viper does stage stuff, Kewkky does...? No offense to him, I just don't see why it wouldn't work without him xD .
    Stealing information is the best way to get it ^_^ .

    It's my pleasure to do it. As I was posting, I was like "man, I would feel so useless if I wasn't doing this." Don't take it away from me, it's all I have D: .
    Some stuff:

    The Bowsers had already done our discussion in February ... '09 . I don't see much reason for it not to be the same ratio they gave (60-40), but the discussion probably needs to be updated. Their MU guy seems almost as lazy as me, because the few summaries they've made aren't very good (they haven't done one for Kirby).

    The Links have a Kirby export from last November. You can probably pull some data from it if you need.

    The D3 MU thread is very, very dead. That means that we might not get a lot of help from them, and also, since I posted in the social thread, I might g--

    *super banned*
    There doesn't seem to be much to do in Kirby's metagame, but that seems to be true for a reasonable amount of chars.

    I don't really, or at least I'm not one of the more noticeable discussers. I try to post what I know about the current matchups, but my lack of play means that that's hardly anything.
    But I haven't done any useful posting in forever, it's all social crap. I don't even know Kirby anymore :/ . It's a bit sad that that's who most of the Kirby boards members are.
    Actually, now I'm enraged because if I hadn't posted in the other board's threads, my 2500th post could be by 1000th post in the Kirby social (that's so sad xD 2/5 of my posts in there...). Fear my enragement!
    Erg, the temptation of power is too great...I accept your offer!

    By the way, this could be helpful for the stage discussion. I would organize the information and post it in the ZSS thread, but not only am I too lazy, I don't know the ZSS matchup very well and so I don't really wanna get involved in it.
    I know I've been enabling you, and I admit, I enjoy still having a job to do for the MU thread...but it's better if you tell them immediately (who knows, I might be inactive for a week and they'd never know about the discussion. OR I could just be mean and stop telling the other boards). It's also a bit of a pain for me to find the social and MU threads and then check to see that you've never posted in them. >.<
    Just a friendly reminder: remember to tell the other character boards that we're discussing them! I've been doing it for a while (I just did it for ZSS), but it's really your job as the Matcho Matchup guy.
    I believe Ike & kirby can be even to slight (dis)advantage stage dependent. Ike is double edged on PTAD. The lack of ledges kind of hurt him, but Ike doesn't really autosnap anyways, so it can hurt others even worse considering Ike's punishments. Bearable stage for Ike overall. Kirby definitely has an easier time moving around on the stage and can abuse the lack of edges fairly well. Don't know how strong that tactic is, though.
    No for Raleigh, most likely not for DC, maybe/hopefully for Dallas. School =/
    It's hard to go to so many
    I locked the interview thread as you requested.

    Tourney Kirby thread... It's not derailed, people post tourney results there every once now and then, so I don't know why you would want it closed... Care to explain? o_O

    The only way I can make the threads not viewable anymore is if I delete them, or they make themselves unviewable by not having people talk in them for long periods of time.

    Trolls? Point me to them, cuz as far as I know, the Kirby mains aren't trolls (seriously, do. I will infract em quickly, i dislike trolls). Other mains? Well they're allowed to come and socialize with the Kirbies in the GD, and so far thats what they're doing. Theorycrafters? Yeaaaaah, i know, but what can we do, this is SWF. :|

    If you plan to change mains I won't hold you back. One should play the game for fun, not because he's got commitment to a community. ;)
    Sometimes I feel like looking at the most recent posts on boards sometimes.
    Well, my mom DOES go to college, anyway. She's supposed to be getting her PhD in psychology, but for a reason or another, still doesn't have it.

    I dunno what it has to do with my blog though. Still, it's all good, I don't get my soft spots poked that easily. ;)

    I have no idea what you wrote in your comment. You have piqued my curiosity, but I guess I'll just let it go.
    Yeah, I will... I just think it's a very boring MU to write about, since we've talked a lot about it... I'll see if I can get around to it before this week's over. :urg:
    y oh y did u go kirby against a team of ics?

    btw this is a better vid of me........ notice how all my rolls actually accomplish something/i dont get punished?


    my kirby still lacks ALOT of MU exp... im still learning... i didn't mean to come across as "super pro" or anything lol. Just, I do have some degree of knowledge that should be taken seriously.

    i saw some of your vids on youtube. If you lack good recording software you can give me your kirby replays and ill put them on youtube for you. We can exchange wii code and u can send it that way or send me the replays directly over aim.

    my aim:

    I didn't notice that you were the third best Kirby apparently? When did that happen? Oh and I'd say come up for MLGDallas in Nov. but you won't find snow in TX lol. >.> Apply for the 2GGrant and come for that :D?
    I dunno, we'll see once I make around a thousand bucks to use for whatever I desire, and the hype for a tourney is great enough to make me not want to miss it. If by when winter's near I still haven't decided, I'm up for suggestions... I just want to go when there's snowfalls, I really wanted to see one at Pound4. In PR, it never snows, see. : \
    Hopefully this winter. I've never seen a snowfall before, and during Pound4 while me and the other puertorricans stayed over, it still didn't snow. Sooo, for the sake of not only looking forward to smashing, I feel like waiting for winter will be my best move!

    I'm planning on getting a job this summer that'll last me until next summer (skipping out a year of college so I can make enough money to move out to an apartment, I dislike living with my family).
    I can't say for sure, I'll be going to Phase in Dallas on May 1st, but BIG tournaments I can't say.
    San Angelo. We played at WHOBO for awhile. And yeah, it's an old pic I took after a tourney when we were at ihop haha :)
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