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Sage JoWii
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  • Hey JoWii, I haven't had much time, but I plan on writing about the Luigi MU sometime in the future. This is only a heads-up, so you don't ask Kewkky to close the thread.
    Alrighty, so JUJ can't stay Saturday night at WHOBO, so we won't have housing at the hotel then. I'd love to be able to stay that night so I can play LT singles. We've got two options:

    1) You drive back late that night to Austin and promise not to kill us.
    2) Drive 43 minutes to my grandparents' place. We'll crash for the night, get a homecooked meal in the morning, and head back to Austin Sunday morning.

    Of course, if neither one of those works for you, we can just skip LT singles and head back to Austin Saturday night.

    Lemme know what works for you.
    I'm sure you were expecting something besides this crappy and useless visitor message.
    Hey man, reserve another reply on your new thread. It's better to have extra spaces than to run out of space. ;)
    As far as I know Zac's going. I think he's going for doubles only though.

    Didn't want to get infracted for going off topic. :p Haha.
    Oooooh. Sorry. :( That suxx!

    Well this is what the txt would have said: Happy New Year!!
    If you made it safely to your house or not....I sent you a txt from my new number. I'll probably send you another one tonight wishing you a happy new year. At least I know you're ALIVE.

    I will fsmash you next time I see you.
    im thinking about going to that one i saw it on AIB ill have to check my schedule first but ill let you know if i can make it....
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