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  • Hi there, I have a Q. You are Puertorican? or have family from PR or something like that, I have a cousin who's tag is the same as you, he lives in TX and plays brawl. I can't seem to find contact to him since a year or more ago. I would like to know if that is you. Thanks, if you are not, sorry.
    Take your but to kingsville with the rest of the SA nazi brawlers next time there's a tourney.
    Lol will try and get some recordings for myself also i need critic videos.
    still want that 360? btw nike isnt getting the ds if your still interested ^.^
    Would you like to come over today and smash? Morningstar Espy ans Suspect will be here

    210 324 4295
    Hey, you. I'll take your suggestion and slip into bed. I'm really darn tired and it's almost 4 AM. *hugs tightly* Love ya. Hope to see you when I get up.
    Well ****. :V

    You did look liike a highschooler. Good **** loko. I just went to go join the navy for Advanced Electronics and Computers V:

    Go mee. 80k for college. Woo.
    Sorry I just left without any notice. *hug*
    I'm extremely tired so I'm going to bed, otherwise I'd pass out. Sowwies. Stupid timezones. ;-;
    Luffs. <3
    DOA 2 for DC. <3

    I can use only Marth, Mario, and Manchu in Brawl, and for B+, I can use Marth, Mario, MK, Jiggs, Wolf, Falcon, D3, Kirby, Pika, GaW, Zelda, and thats it. :V

    I use random when I sandbag. <3
    Pfft DOA. Only good DOA is DOA 2.

    And Tekken is much more <3 than DOA imo. I hate block buttons. :V

    Also, pick up a new character if thats the case. xD
    Loser buys winner a 20 oz of his choice.

    and I wont use my spacie ****** mains on you either. <3 Marth/Mario

    I'd use my secondaries, but they **** spacies too. <3 Jiggs/MK

    I'd probably use Falcon or Wolf on you. lol wolf dittos.
    lol. well dont forget our next ones coming up on july 18! you can make some good friends down here. do you play brawl on wifi or no? that way if you do we can at least play some friendlies
    oh yea for sure id try to make it for a tourney. but dont forget that we have our own tournies down here too, well in brownsville anyways. you can check out the thread from my past postings. pretty much all the guys from the rgv are really cool and i know they would be more that happy if you guys came to one of our tournies. we have em every month and a half or so
    It's cuz he's a spacie. I make fun of all spacies. lolol.

    Wolf is one of my friendly characters in B+ though.

    and omfg shut up about the Side B thing. I was tired as hell. x__x
    haha its cool. idk about going to college station as well. seems were in the same boat dude. im just being friendly
    lol you should come and visit your friends here in kingsville sometime this semester. that way if your down we can play lol. that must be cool to be found and taken in by a good player like bear lol lucky!
    lol just remember though that i wasnt playing g&w for our friendly team matches. so where you guys from anyways?
    for sure next time its on. and my pika suckkkss lol. i hate to admit it cause hes such a cool char in my opinion, but i have to face it. i have way more success w/ g&w anyways. and get ready for more intense double battles as well. bombchu's gonna start using lucario more for teams and our combos gonna pwn!
    its derk loko lol. i just have like a different smashboards name than my tourney. ive been trying to change it but no luck so far....
    dude im actually horrible against wolf's. ! you had me sweating the whole time when you played him against me!
    I has added yous, I've gotta leave now, though. I won't be back until you have to leave, so good luck, I'll keep muh fingers crossed for ya. See ya later. :3 *slurp*
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