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  • We all miss you Ladybug! Hope you had a safe Christmas and New Years! =)
    Hey! I just saw this! <3 You are so sweet, thank you. I miss you guys too.
    Ah, physical therapy. Yeah, that's always fun. I'm doing well myself. Heh not yet. Not until April 9th I leave for Japan. Oh boy that flight. XD I'm excited though I can't say the family is excited to see me leave and who knows when I'm be seeing them again.
    tbh, I don't really take full advantage of the free health care over here in Canada as I rarely get hurt and/or ill. Oh well, always a nice thing to have! :p

    When do you think they'll release L4D3? I still have you on Steam, no?

    OMG I love cheezits!!! Not much of a veggie person tho. :smirk: Starbursts FTW btw!!!

    And stuff happened, I do kinda miss being a mod. =/
    Yup they always go at it in which is the best branch or who has the better what. My flight leaves in an hour. I'm on transfer leave right now so I'm going home for a couple of weeks then in April I fly to Japan.

    Thank you for the wishes! =)
    Heh, Marines and Navy. We joke and tease each other non-stop. I do that too. In the end we got each others back. My parents were both Marines so you can imagine what that would be like. XD
    Move to Canada. Free health care! :smirk:

    I miss you. D:

    Remember when we used to play L4D1/2 back in the day? lol
    Oh no! What happened? D:

    I hope you're alright and have a speedy recovery! :)
    i do go to 180 pretty often, usually to the library!

    mondays i don't have a class on campus but there are times i just go to campus anyway. i like san fran
    hybrid right now. 2 onlines and 2 on campus. i'm an undergrad right now, BFA for classical animation
    This just gives you an excuse to buy a bigger and newer SD card. :smirk:

    And looking forward to it! I wish my college gave me more days off...aside from reading week and the usual holidays. Oh well.

    That company looks awesome! I hope you get hired there one day! :)

    It keeps on snowing over here in Canada, our Winters are longer and colder over here but I don't really mind since I'm Canadian, my resistance to the cold is much higher. (But it's the complete opposite when it comes to the heat...like when I stopped by FL back in August for my 1-week cruise.)

    Oh yeah? Well I hope you get the job! How many times have you visited Canada btw?

    Yeah, it's pretty good. I get to work at home and make up my own hours. And it involves video games. We have weekly meetings on Skype and stuff. (I'm glad and grateful that my parents paid for my 3 year program in college.) :3

    Let's set up a day and time for both of us to be on AIM to talk about stuff! :)
    Good to hear, I'm assuming you've uploaded some photos of your vacation/road trip to your Facebook? And your school sounds awesome! (How come it just started back up about 2 weeks ago?) :D

    I hope you have a great semester! Which company is that btw? I hope you get the job! (Just curious.)

    And I didn't know that you now live in San Fran! How's the weather over there? It's snowing and cold over here in Canada. :p

    I'm doing well, busy with work (I work as a Marketing Associate for this video game company which turns tournaments and stuff.) and playing Mass Effect 2 on my 360.

    Do you use AIM often btw?
    You're welcome.

    How have you been lately? How's work/school/life etc ?
    Thanks, I love my job! I get to work from home and make up my own hours cause everything is so flexible and my boss is awesome!

    Awwwwww, good to know you missed me too. :D

    And I'll PM you my Facebook.
    Good to hear, I recently got a job and I love it! I'm the marketing manager for this small business and I got a raise on my first day on the job. :awesome:

    We should talk more often, I missed you. D:

    Jungle is a weeaboo btw.
    Well that's good to know! But I have you on facebook so it's not like it matters all that much.

    How are things though!
    np. Only the Kirbies remember these things, 'cause we're cool like that.

    Btw, I made it to the BBR! I told you that I didn't think I would ever get there, but woooo I made it. :)
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