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  • Nothing too exciting Mr. Nocturnalist. Working hard on my Anatomy hw and getting ready for my birthday. :)

    Yo it's Kelan again man, I moved out to Vallejo over the last couple days so I'm a bit closer to fairfield now, but I won't be having the internet in my new place(at my friends atm) so if a smashfest or whatever is going on give me a call at 925-852-7095, I'd love to play some new people.
    Oh, nice. Yeah, I'd like to do some self-portraits too, once I get some good equipment and some spare time.
    I'm just getting into it recently. The problem is I have to borrow my dad's camera. But I found your pictures to be inspiring. I was just visiting Golden Gate Bridge recently so it was cool to see all the different perspectives. Do you use any specific editing software? And for the self-pictures, how do you know where to pose and stuff?
    Just wanted to say, those recent pictures in the Picture Thread looked REALLY good! I especially like the self-pictures and the one of Golden Gate bridge. Nice job!
    Yo man this is Kelan. Sorry I haven't responded in a couple days, been busy with school and ****. My friends that I went to that GG tourney with to might be going to one up in fairfield on Saturday, if I don't got work that day I'll probably go up just to hang out. I'll bring a smash setup if I go and you live out there right?
    haha i bet did you go the whole way through? ^^ oh yea i forget to tell you where i lived, I live in Oak Hill
    naw i cant go out for long, only to jog right now, since my grandma is untrusting. I got a phone, with no texts, it's 707-330-5983
    i got 1 name change when i didn't know who kage was

    so i got my name on forums changed to "Kage"

    then m2k made a thread thinking I was the real kage etc blah blah

    so i got another name change LOL
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