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  • yeah she tells me she loves me and **** regularly. kind of creepy. i cant even accept her add on facebook cuz i have a gf so shed probably **** **** up.
    Gabby was that chick, she had a sniper named Rain and i cant remember her gm name. but yea she showed matt her t*tties on webcam and he gave her heaps of stuff. and then later someone posted the picture of her t*tties on the forum lllloooooooollllll. **** that was funny she had her shirt over her head for some reason.

    ahaha yeah im not counting on it, why would u randomly come to aussie land? to see me right? lool. some aussie guys go to cali a bit but i think they go to socal. they were at genesis atleast. maybe one day ill go to cali too. meds a ***** here too but ill be ok.

    good luck with psych.
    tarnesh was a wizard from valkyrie. remember cupidos guild? i think his name was cupido or just cupid.

    Kiroshou was in mafia and was the best priest ive ever played with but he was also a complete dickwad. Also gabby still talks to me and confesses her love for me. jfhasjkfhasljkfasf. she was that sniper / gm that showed matt her ****.


    most of my msn contacts are like, essenceRO people, all the faith ones are long gone except a few, like faithrangarok, that 13 year old assassin that had a champ named Character. loooool.

    ahh psych. i wanted to do that once but somewhere along the line i realised it wasnt for me. hence why i chose med. im only in first year though cuz i had to do 3 year undergrad. it was horrible.

    you should come to aus and come to one of our national tourneys ahahaha. we get like 60 people at a major national! :O amazing! ahaha. our local tournies get like 25! kind of embarrasing.
    lol, oldschool faith was the prime of RO. dirty dozen was too good. pinoys were the best.

    I keep in touch with a few guys but i dunno if you know them, I still have a bunch of people on msn like ramen lunei and frosty. got a few other people from faith like tarnesh and stuff. that was all so long ago lol. And never lost contact with Kiroshou either, that dudes a psycho.

    what undergrad you doing?
    **** you must have just missed me, i stirred **** up on that server really bad, RD was like the dirty-dozen of reyl's server ahahaha.

    I went back to faithRO once aswell cuz there was a "new wizard" around. He ****ing challenged me to a 1 vs 1. good thing that I humiliated his dumb *** though. but yeah RO is ****, never play it. I stopped prob about 3 years ago.

    I dunno i lurk the west coast forums a bit mainly cuz i like seeing tourney results to see how SS places loool. So jealous of the smash scene you guys have :(.

    all i do now is play smash and go to med school. you?
    Yep, you even get praised for having an internet-self. Not that I'm saying I'm not me on the World Wide Web, It would be boring that way. But internet attitudes amuse me though...
    and i must say you also have a nice sig to... how could you make somethink like that...

    coz yer it look heep koolie's ^-^
    That is a way better answer, for me it's just ironic because of what I look like in real life.
    People will just go, "yeah, your not such a bad guy" and then they'd meet me in real life
    and say 'your a freak!'. Probably because of my zipper tattoo on my shaved head.
    So, you don't really care in other words?
    I mean it's a good answer if you didn't care in the first place.
    Mr.Fakeman makes a bad impression doesn't she?
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