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  • I feel you. This next one has more time. 3 weeks is the next Melee tournament. I'll keep hitting you with dates. Just make one if you can.
    I don't know if you saw the post in the Beast Coast Tea Room, but the link for the tournament is there. Melee looks to be every other week at this point. Then we run other stuff in between.
    The new location will be open this Saturday. So you'll be informed of the first date, soon.
    they got held up on inspection and stuff. I wouldn't let this go by without you guys knowing.
    That would be amazing. I'm SO rusty right now. Where on South Main? I'm a quick bus ride and 5 minute or so walk from the Bridge. If we get it in like that, the first tournament will have good Winners/Losers/Grand Finals, then. Got a month to train up!!
    I live in Easton now, which is right across the bridge. Yeah...it's been forever, lol. GOOD news, though. Expect tournaments very soon. There's a game shop that wants to run them, so I'll be running them for Melee, P:M, AE, P4A, Maybe Tekken and UMVC3.
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