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  • Hey, I'm the guy that bought Chrono Trigger. I could learn a few things from playing you again, and on melee this time. When are you going down to the Game Gallery next?
    I try to go down there on Monday or Friday usually. Sorry for the late reply. Things have been a bit crazy for me.
    Hey man is anything going down this weekend near the Bethlehem/Easton area? Im trying to smash!
    Not to my knowledge, sadly. I would love to play this weekend. I need to actually practice for once, haha.
    yeah man so do i lol, i actually just started playing wifi safe on the wii so i dont have to play the cpu anymore haha
    the place in easton is called the game gallery right?
    my friend don has been up there for Melee 6 or 7 times i think, he keeps buying the street fighter figures.
    ill be up with him today finally!
    I'll be looking forward to meeting and playing you, finally. Absolutely gonna be an epic day.
    i stand out so it wont be hard to spot me. im 6'3 and have pink hair >.<
    well thats a bummer
    this weekend has my only free friday for the month, after that theres concerts every friday.
    so heres hoping it lands on a saturday, or i wont be making it.
    holy crap easton!?
    i spent ~12 years there. we need to set something up, ive gotten all my friends back into smash.
    hit me up man.
    I found one with a friend of mine, but its 9 people :s (shes only charging me $50 so I can only complain so much)

    why, did someone you know need people?
    Alright, I'll see what I can do! The only thing I'm afraid of is the video eating my memory card alive ._.
    Hit up your pm box and get back to me. It'd be nice if I don't end up paying an extra $100 'cause your friends don't show. =p
    That's exactly what I like to hear, I like zoning and generally being a passive aggressive mofo, and then set up for my teammate, mwahaha, we're gonna ****.

    Can I get your # (PM it).

    Also, smashfest so we can get some practice together before Pound? I was planning on going to Pakman's in PA the week before, but I'm down for an NJ one (closer for me anyway) then or the 2nd.

    If you can't then if we both get there early we can probably get some friendlies in to practice the day of since the venue opens 2 hours before teams.
    Pound 4, I heard you wanted a marth for your peach, interested? I also secondary peach, so I know the finer points of the character pretty well.
    Lol yeah. You'll notice I'm not flame6753 anymore. Smashboards has got premiums now :) Hop on that. You need to catch up son.
    Eh, I take my time looking at some places in there; So I dont mind if you throw me a heads up every now and then.

    I mean, np.

    Thanks for telling me, cause i probably would have missed it for a while. XD
    To quote Paul, "For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified" (1 Corinthians 2:2 NIV). That's the stance I try to take. Yes, I know a lot about the Bible, some of the history of Christianity, a good deal about theology and ethics as a whole, and am starting to learn about the early Christians in particular--all of it amounts to nothing in comparison to what is the ultimate truth, that Jesus Christ was crucified to save us.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention it earlier, but I agree about Jehova's Witnesses. They are a different religion, really. They claim to know Christ but hold ridiculous beliefs that are contrary to the Bible, one of which being that only 144,000 will be saved, a gross misunderstanding of Revelation 7. Also, they've tried to prophesy the second coming a number of times, neglecting that Jesus said that "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father" (Mark 13:32 NIV). For that reason, I'm not sure I count them as Christians.
    Interesting you mention the 1st century church. It's actually been my recent endeavor (well, whenever this semester's done) to read through all of the writing's of the 1st century Christians. The way I see it is that errors and inconsistencies happen further from the source. So, seeing that the 1st century church did interact with the apostles who had been with Christ, their writings are of particular significance.

    My church actually did a small class series on them and sold books of some of their writings, but I'm looking to get a full anthology of all of the writings. ;D

    EDIT: Or maybe it was 2nd century that had the majority of the writings--either way it amounts basically to the same thing.
    I don't mind at all ^_^ I'm a Christian, non-denominational (namely because I feel like Christianity isn't any harder than reading the Bible and applying it). Why do you ask?
    I Am In Love W/ Melee Now So Much I Wanna Enter A Tourney Argh!
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