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  • Well, there are only two tourneys here, both monthly. I haven't had a chance to check either out, not sure about players. I'll ask around.


    nah one of my teammates for dota is moving to australia in the near future, so u never know. but when i transfer it'll most likely be to a socal school so ya
    huh. don't remember who gabby is at all lol

    i do remember matt though. LOL faithragnarok i remember that kid too, funny as ****

    gl w/ med school its a ***** to get through over here in the states; idk how it is in aussieland though. but for sure if i ever go to australia i'll hit you up (no idea when that would be tho)
    man all the names are coming back now

    who was tarnesh again?

    i remember kiroshou was a priest that did...**** my memory has gone to utter **** whatever

    haha i still have this section on my aim list for RO people that I never got rid of: IllogicMeth0d, Ramen Lunei, KaNoNiMe, Shiggeo, ryounin, tiracake

    sigh i miss them too :/

    im doing psych for undergrad, probably going to go onto postgraduate/doctoral work in the future
    LMAO dirty dozen i remember that **** hahahaha

    dunno i been just playing smash/dota and getting through undergrad; gonna transfer sometime this year to a 4-year

    man i remember back then going around patrolling people for hours on end

    you still keep in touch with anyone else?

    how'd u find me LOL

    and how've u been

    i haven't touched RO since i tried reyl's new server for a bit which was like 2+ years ago
    It's less about that and more about Melee being more entertaining to watch than Brawl. To be good at Brawl, you can't hide behind technical prowess like you can in Melee. That's why there are random players out there even here in QLD who show up and are really good because there's no Universal AT's that aren't obvious to learn.

    J-Fox made a thread not long ago saying he was disappointed with Melee players and their over-reliance on technical skill instead of developing mindgames. It's why there's a lot of Falco's at the top of Melee's metagame at the moment and not Marth or Sheik.

    And yet, the smart players like Mango and Armada are the ones playing characters like Jiggs and Peach and are dominating at the top.

    Like I said at the start, the thing with Brawl is that there's not a huge amount of technical feats to exploit. You can't make approaches safer by wavedashing or dash dancing. Every move you make is a very dangerous one, and it's why camping is over powered.

    Chris needs people who can understand that concept as well as he can to practice with. Everyday I ponder how I can get to that level.

    Nothing to be pondered with my Melee Fox though. Just gotta practice technical consistency ^_^

    Then I can philosophize about Fox at his peak all I want.
    Also, I'm glad you feel the way you do.

    It keeps me from going insane.
    Yeah, now every single moderator is going to get a reported post by me :p
    Something along the lines of
    "So sick of Brawl***s, needs moar Melee"

    It's enough to get me really angry at someone.
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