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Grim Tuesday
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  • As and Aussie do you have any tips for how i can improve my game without having other smashers around, the community in here is kind of miniscule
    Grim Tuesday
    Grim Tuesday
    First thing I'd recommend is joining the Victorian Smash Bros Facebook group, as well as the Australian Smash one, if you haven't done so already.
    Grim Tuesday
    Grim Tuesday
    In terms of improving; practice vs. humans wherever possible, even if it means online, versus scrubs, etc... If you have to play against CPUs make sure you're not playing with the goal of winning - you'll develop bad habits that way. Play with the goal of experimenting and challenging yourself, force yourself to choose options you've never picked before.
    Grim Tuesday
    Grim Tuesday
    Finally, watch as many videos as possible and just try to copy the best players. Too many people try to go it on their own when it's so easy to learn new, effective options whenever you need them.

    Best of luck! :D
    Why did you get a warning in the tier list thread for a simple bad joke while many other posters can say whatever they want?
    Grim Tuesday
    Grim Tuesday
    Shaya knows me in real life so I'm held to different standards I assume xD
    Grim Tuesday
    Grim Tuesday
    If you do aerial Pound diagonally into the ground at the right height, and then hold either forward or backwards, you slide in that direction.

    If you end up on the ground with no slide, you did the Pound too late/too low down, and if you end up in the air, you did the Pound too early/too high up, so you need to get somewhere in the middle
    'dat Wiggly
    Grim Tuesday
    Grim Tuesday
    The wiggliest of wigglies.
    Hoping Puff evolves in Smash 4...
    Deleted member 189823
    Is it singing!
    Wonder if they're becoming dis-interested in our tournament scene. That would seriously suck. :c
    Did the aussie scene just up and die? It looks like everything's been merged in to one page and I can't even find tournament threads. @.@
    Hallo thar~
    As usual I'll bring my wii down tomorrow so we can record stuffz. Challenge you to game 3 of Yoshi vs IC's on FD ʘ͜͜ಠ
    Well if we have a major that'll give him an excuse to come over to Sydney right? :D
    Yea, ghostbone is pretty good. I also enjoy Ryukario when he's not trolling because he's pretty cool. :)
    My brother uses quite a few characters atm actually, he's mained most characters at one time or another.

    He has Lucas as a constant main but he also atm uses Oli, Ness and Pit.
    Oh it's not that, it's just I personally would find it strange to be on my secondary's panel and not on my main's, you know what i mean?
    Well there you go. Too many applied for Lucas haha so i'm out and i'm gonna out from the Ness panel because it'd feel wrong to be on the Ness panel and not on the Lucas panel. :)
    Well I have unrealistic loves as well, namely Ark from terranigma, Chrono from Chrono Trigger, those retros haha.

    Ah well. In any case i'll head off but i'm happy to talk once I get back on again. So little activity elsewhere on the boards right now haha. :p

    Haha, fair enough then. :p

    So back to smash, do you have any pre-determined thoughts on who you'll be trying in SSB4, assuming all vets stayed? Keep in mind likely additions are probably megaman, K. Rool or dixie, Zoro-ark/Victini/any other 5th gen/6th gen?, etc..
    Oh, he reflects physical attacks? That's right, use PK powers against him. Get Paula to use freeze I think iirc, Jeff to do bottle rockets, ness to use PK gifts/rockin'/whatever you named it and poo to use PK starstorm.

    See if you can get PSI caramels, too?

    Diamond dog isn't that bad really, I seem to recall beating him first try. Remember to save up and use Multi-bottle rockets. :p
    Yea i've played Earthbound. Such a fun game. I always got to the cave of the past and ended up being scared to stray away from the ship. I've decided to start again recently and with any luck i'll finish it this time. :-P
    Ness, and that's the same way in 64... i've always had a deep love for the PSI kids' playstyle, in all three games. I love their unique-ness (ha, pun...) and movesets. It's such a shame they're LT/LM in all three games for reasons outside the basic moveset (GRs, range, etc...)
    I'd like to get in to it, what i've played of it has been great but then again, i've been ecstatic about all three Smash games ever since I found out that 64 had successors many years ago. :o

    All in all, it's a game i'd love to learn. The chances i'd get in to it competitively are slim (as I tend to devote a lot of my time to Brawl already haha!) but i'd love to at least have a vague understanding of it, yea. :D
    Ohoho, I'd love to see that played out. =)

    And you don't need to worry, i'm very rarely disappointed by anything! :p
    Oh wow, a $200 dollar MM? That sounds pretty serious haha, coming from a person who is currently un-employed. :p

    Also, early Jan may-or-may-not work out for me but i'll see what I can do. I totally support the idea though and am happy to give testimony to the fact that I support it if the question arises. :p
    A Major in sydney? That'd be really cool. Should ask Shaya about it, him, planetstereo or Elysium. :D
    Uhh, I can't remember specifically, a guy with glasses haha. It was the first time i'd met him, that's why i can't really remember him.

    Either him or Invisi, he's been trying out jiggz lately.
    Yea, one problem we do have in our regions is that often no-one brings recording equipment. I've been pestering the guys to bring it though and recently (well the last tournament I went to anyway) i've noticed it's becoming a staple of our tournaments again.

    Man come to think of it i can't wait to verse your puff, from the small taste I had of her at one of the tournies i'm interested to see what spins you put on her playstyle in practice (thus the baiting and punishing game intricacies). :D
    Yo, don't let the nay-sayers stop you from posting the way you do. It's not your problem, it's not your fault and those people are only being ignorant and rude in what they're saying. Wait till december, show those people that they're wrong. You're not top 10 in SA for nothing. :)

    And yes I know the fallacies involved with ^ argument but you know how motivational VMs work. :p
    Dang, that sounds really bad. Besides, all anyone's doing here is using theory-craft with the occasional video to prove a point. :urg:

    Ah well, you definitely seem knowledgeable enough to me, I know that's not much of a consolation though. :/
    Hey have you applied for the jiggz panel for the MU chart v3? You should... i don't see your name on the list haha. I may or may not be on for both Lucas and Ness, depending on who else applies and whether Red X thinks my knowledge of Ness is good enough. :p

    i hope I get in to both but at the same time it's nerve racking. :o
    Hey do you have any idea where the chart for every character's aerial mobility is? I remember it being brought up ages ago in a discussion on Lucas but it's lost in the many hundreds of pages in the BBR thread. :/
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