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Cold Fusion
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  • Just wondering, what is your obsession with me? I am not necessarily complaining, but it is very odd. Are attempting to give me a taste of my own medicine?
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    Cold Fusion
    Cold Fusion
    It just so happens to be that your posts tend to be of a higher quality that most in my humble opinion. I'm not singling you out, honestly!!!!!!!!
    It's actually quite fun if you do it subtly enough to get the response you want but not loud enough to attract mods.
    interesting. In the GBD all you have to do is "I can haz texchurs" in the wrong board and everyone freaks out.
    I swear that we have such a solid advantage in that matchup. I mean, I've played Canada's top Diddy players a bunch so it can't just be matchup unfamiliarity.
    About time lol. I assume it's still the same as when I left? -_-
    Batman uses the image of the bat to inspire fear in criminals who take refuge in the darkness of night. I use the image of the RRODeath to inspire fear in nerds to take refuge in the escapism of videogames.

    Plus it looks cool :p
    Well, I suppose playing super defensive should always be a Jiggs players utmost priority, right? "Don't get hit." I guess play defensive at 0, play defensive at 140. . . overall the safe chipping of damage is what really matters.
    Depending on the character I'm facing, of course, I've lived up to 180%-200% before (with Jiggs). Once you get to kill percents -- don't commit to anything. Keep your retreat options open at all times.

    I mean, you're at kill percent. You can rush in, maybe get some damage then die -- or you can play it safe and probably get more damage on them by poking them when they get too close. Make them work for the kill
    In a doubles match versus HolyNightmare, as in, Best ROB in the world, and TOJoe, Canada's 2nd best MK main, I ended up creating the new term Ottawa DI . . . or P.N.DI. Basically, the match started and my partner was doing pretty well, ended up suiciding at least once, I think it was twice though. This isn't to discredit my partner, he's usually really clutch, just had an off game. Anyway, I spawn from my last stock and Holy has 2 stocks, low percent. TO Joe is fresh on his last stock. I lived to just shy of 300% and brought it down to last stock, high percent. I'd get knocked off the level, and despite having a MK and a ROB coming at me, I'd make it back unscathed. When I was at like 140%, MK shuttle looped me into the blastzone area, where the magnifying glass comes into play. I started my recovery and Holy baired me. I was in the magnifying glass, at 140%, and got hit with ROB's bair. I lived. It was ridiculous -- it was spectacular. Crowd went wild, it was mindblowing. We ended up losing the set, but god**** if I was gonna go down without a fight. Haha, apparently someone ended up asking Holy about my DI later on and his only response was shaking his head and throwing up his hands.

    Anyway, we ended up placing top 5 in doubles so it's all good.
    I get bored easy, lol. This one came to fruition because my friend / main doubles partner / fellow PR panelist has Emma Frost as his avatar, and I wanted to rep a sexy Marvel girl too.
    Nah, Kirby is a character that's actually very similar to Pikachu -- in that, he has all sorts of tricks and chain grabs that don't work on us because we're Jigglypuff. So it's a battle of the basics, it really is "the better player wins".

    Avoid Pictochat like the plague against a Kirby. SOO MANY TRICKS WTF
    The only thing I can really contribute is dair, grab, and perfect rest his fsmashes. That's about as simple as the match goes, he'll wall us off with bair, so dair above him. On the ground you'll beat him with a grab, and he'll likely attempt to kill with an fsmash.

    It's actually a simple matchup to approach -- hard to play, but that's only because Kirby is like a better version of us. The only other thing I can offer is that Kirby is actually pretty slow -- out camping him is actually surprisingly easy.
    My ex-roommate / current crew mate is the 2nd best (arguably 1st) Kirby in Canada. He 2 stocked Ally's Snake. Haha, yeah I do.
    That's pretty key -- his nanners are next to useless against you. This also means that he can set up kills with them, leaving his options pretty clear at all times. He's going to try and fair you, make no mistake.
    In our favour. Catch everything he throws at you and stay in the air. If you need to ground yourself, space yourself to the end of his glide toss range -- if you just wait you can dash attack on reaction, catching the banana and hitting him in the process. If he gets off stage, dair wrecks his recovery SO hard.
    Exactly. My only advice would have been to space aerials.. which is pretty much a given.

    I have TONS of experience vs top / high tier.
    55-45 ish, maybe a bit higher but not a 60-40. It's whoever gets the first hit IMO. He's a wall to break through, but our moves do so much damage that if we him like once or twice we've made up all that ground -- and we're faster than him.
    Haha, yeah, it's hard. Most characters you can bait a reaction and punish with Pound, not MK with his almost lagless moves. If I need to make up ground on MK, it's entirely through fair pokes and grabs, with the occasional dair bomb to stop him for Shuttle Looping or Nadoing.
    Oh yeah, I'm picking up G&W btw. When you dissect a match-up you kinda learn how to play the character.
    Very true, but I find that if you just wait it out they'll eventually move on to other tactics. Even the campiest of G&W's have a soul. Or just wait until they screw up and grab them.
    Haha it's actually pretty fun. Just be very conscious of the turtle and if you see him charge a smash, don't even bother trying to punish. Also, learn the timing to tech the D-throw, they rely on missed techs. My major problem now is Up-b OoS and after dairs.
    I like to D taunt to avoid projectiles, or ledge canceled sing over and over.
    Yeah, but then scrubs will get mad and complain. And then you can't IRL taunt them after you time them out (or apologize, if they're nice) which is the best part of doing it.

    "Hey, hey, hey. Look, I'm just gonna float up here and there's nothing you can do about it. Wanna forfeit? It'll save you some time." :laugh:
    nahh, it's cool. i'm just glad people are seriously discussing puff stuff
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