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  • I was thinking about coming to visit for Easter, it'd be a long shot and i'd only be in for about two days but if I can work it out i'll let you know (:
    Hahah I've had Rockcrock added since before Pound 4, and I've already friend requested you =). Looking forward to playing with you man, also quality avatar.
    hey josh! that controller belongs to detroit's best smasher but you should definitely give it to emilio. I am coming down july 4th weekend, wanna just give it to me then?
    You would ask that UsurperKingZant dude for Roy's hitboxes, lol. Btw, good job at NOOB2.
    Not my final decision, might be going to NYU, but it's like 50/50 at this point. We shall see my fine asian friend.
    Hahahaaa... that's a deal buddy. IF you... beat RockCrock's Ganon with Roy in tournament ever... I'll pick Falcon, AND Fox. LOL
    hahhaaha, I still say Roy sucks. Roy only prevails against fastfallers with predictable recoveries. Even Bowser could prevailed there.
    I would play you today if you came to me, i'm watching the baby so I can't go anywhere.
    Oh yeah? I didn't know that, I'd be down to contact him anyday. You know any way I could reach him?
    You said there's a guy called Livinglegend at USF? Do you know how I can contact him?
    Haha I love how I knew who you were talking about. Give it a couple months, we'll give it a change, the Brawl community is still very young and I don't think we've experienced a 'gayness' of a magnitude so high. I'm looking forward to playing with you all again soon.
    I used to think the same with Toon Link, but then as I started playing other 2D fighters I started to see the fundamentals I lacked when I played in Brawl and how much I could improve if I just thought out when I should actually grab. The same should go for your Samus, maybe in certain situations a grab isn't your best option, there's always something better you could possibly be doing if the option you chose didn't work.

    I can understand if you don't love Brawl anymore, they had no intention of making the game competitive but there are players working hard and putting their heart into making it what we see as competitive. Sometimes we just have players who have the wrong mindset and that's what makes the game so terrible at times. The best players are the ones who think outside of the box and put all of their work into what they believe in.

    I believe the Gainesville community is possibly the best in all of Florida because you guys have the most positive mind set 'at times' but it really needs to be 'all the time'. I wish the best of look for you in Melee, I'm hoping to actually come and play with you guys when I get a couple things fixed together here if that's alright with you guys up there.
    Do you still play Brawl? I thought you were going to be the best Samus in the world one day.
    Well scratch the thread idea, but post in the VSA thread and we can work it out I guess.
    Well so far all I know is that me and my brother will probably be in Eds car, but we have C.J., Polmex and Veggi who could also possibly drive. I'll make a thread for the sake of clearing it up.
    Yea that'd be awesome. It pretty much goes down every friday night without fail while school is in session. We could try to figure something out for whenever is convenient for you, tho, if you'd only be around for a couple of days or something. PM or AIM - NeyeCkay , or also another good person to talk to is Reaver197 because he is the guy who actually does the hosting.
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