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  • Ah, sorry. That's my birthday weekend, i already made plans. =/. Thats lame.
    na man i know i cant make it :(.

    as for sfl its unknown because none of our active melee players have cars that can make it too gainsvile. we all have car issues here man.

    rage sounds like its gonna be tight though!
    Wow that's really cool.

    I don't know how much the wiki gets used by new players. I myself have almost never been on it outside of today. But if you use it frequently, or think that it would be a place people go looking for information, it seems like a good thing to have good articles about the SE players.
    You there? My Cell kinda sucks, CAll me on my house phone. 850-871-1828
    Sorry about yesterday buddy, I didn't mean to blow you off and I feel bad about it.
    If I can't get housing man I might take you up on that. I usually take a completely different way to orlando area, than going through gainesville, adds on like 40 mins to my ride, but I save LOTS of gas.
    Yo man we need to play!!!! call me! from a house phone or something 850-832-5537
    no lie moses we should do more 1v1s, i feel like we are at the same level whenever we play lol, sorry i didnt go and team with you at FLG i'll definitely be at the next one though if you wanna do that. I just noticed we probably could make a funny name out of GodMeowMix and Moses too lol i just cant find out what
    Confirm my friend request. I want to be able to say I'm friends with Moses. lol
    I got 2nd at that tournament on Friday over in Tampa with my Peach!
    I lost to a DK. He spiked me... >_X
    There was also a really good Ness player there and we ended up having to fight like 4 times. The layout was FFA -> 1v1 for those that made it out of the FFA matches.

    How's your spring break going?
    Sawp. Sorry to bother, but I was wondering if you happened to know who all from UF is driving to GIGABITS in March. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I was gonna see if anyone had room for me in their car... I know it's like a month away, but I figured I'd ask now while there's still a chance of there being enough room.

    Oh yeah, you guys oughta lemme know when you're all gonna get together and Brawl sometime. :laugh: I don't have anyone to practice with usually. You all normally meet in Weaver Hall, right?
    Well my venue obviously couldn't help you out as it is not a chain establishment.

    Hotels are not a great option as they are fairly expensive, (possible but not recommended. The option we used before now was a local LAN center, that allowed us to run our tourney while compensating for the venue through a door fee. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT A GOOD, TRUSTY VENUE BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO ONE!!! You don't want to get into an uncomfortable situation with your venue like we did.

    Apartment clubhouses are always options if anyone in Gainesville has such an option.

    Worse comes to worse you could host at an house or apartment. May be cramped, but what Smash tourney isn't?

    Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions! Hope to meet you soon.
    Moses, excuse me if i don't remember you, Have we met? I definitely recognize your name from the forums.

    Anyways, i don't want to put too much hype on this new venue until i have it set in stone, don't wanna have it messed up and let down a bunch of people.

    But i could have a huge venue set up at my place of business, a gymnastics gym. but huge space available.

    Drew, Somacruz2, will post a new thread with all the new info if we are sucessful. Heres to hoping I can secure the largest Smash venue in florida!
    lol i see max already responded :)
    i made it to 13th out of 97 but honestly I learned sooo much from this tourney. I saw rockcrock owned everyone with a computer at lvl 9. too good
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