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  • Hey, do you still live in the altoona area or no?
    I do not, I live in Gainesville Florida. I will be in the Johnstown area at the end of July for a family reunion.
    I hope that fire someday returns!!! Maybe next Apex!! For every smasher that leaves and new one is born! Looking forward to doing a lot better at local tournaments. And thanks for your help and also your contributions to the Samus Index Thread =D
    just keep playing / trying to travel out to things and im sure we will play again. ^^
    There's a smasher named "Dempt." who's hosting a smashfest this friday. That's probably the only time that i'll be free :(

    would be epic to play you again tho :D
    Peach vs Ganon is a lot like Ganon vs Falco and Ganon vs Ness.

    It falls somewhere between a 20-80 and 80-20 and Ganon has the same moveset.
    Saw your name on the front page.

    Happy Birthday bro! Hope today is loads of fun. Just don't party like Charlie Sheen.
    I probably will. Project was a chill dude. But I'll always be SoVA at heart. Born and raised. <3

    That's cool though. One can truly meet lifelong friends here. It's very heartwarming. :)
    Oh mannnn D20 is sooooooo effinnngggg gooooood! I'd definitely put him as one of the best YL's. Go to meet/play him at Pound 4. Didn't get a chance this time around to play him though. How did you do against him?

    Also I won't be able to go to many tourneys for a while. Mainly due to 1) funds and 2) I ship off to boot camp in June. But I'll be in Pensacola when I go into A school. So I might be able to travel to tourneys then. I'll mostly be playing with Zone and whoever is around there. I got to meet him and Project at Pound V. Definitely hype about going to FL
    I was too. When I told him who was all in my pool he told me you guys played a lot of the YL v Ganon match-up. That intimidated me a little.. lol but I was still hype!

    I met him at the last Pound after like years of just talking to him over SWF. Small world haha.
    Haha you too bro. Don't take that post as a sympathy post. Money isn't a big deal to me. I just try to keep the peace. Pointless bickering over the internet never goes anywhere anyway.

    It was awesome to play you in pools. Your Ganon was a huge surprise. All these flashy Ganon's are really confusing to play against.. Ace was the first to surprise me in such a way.

    Wish I got to chill and play with you more though. I don't remember seeing you after we played in pools.
    I stopped arguing w/ em really
    so now I'm just reading as the same points get refuted over and over again
    Voodoo's posts are good, and post like hyuga's(sp?) are worth reading imo, since they effectively destroy any non-moral accusations people have against plank or what he did.
    We really are on a forum with children here aren't we.
    Hey man, just wanted to say I'm looking forward to playing you in pools
    Best of luck in your matches!
    Renth, this it TOP SECRET. But my brother (blunted Object) is entering under my name, and everyone thinks I'm the one going to Pound instead of him. He plays falco and he's really tall. See if you can track him down and have a talk with him. =)
    Yo yo yo I forget you are philly you shoulda came to MAD. Had good turnout and such.

    I don't know if you still play melee tho but it was in Upenn.

    Just letting you know. If you are interested in future philly melee turnouts Imma host more b4 the summer for FREE VENUE FEE. It's legit. : D Thanks for ur time.
    We have a bunch controllers lying around, but not all of them are great. I have two that I switch between, but I think Pat might be using it. But we'll see, I'll find one
    Renth, I don't have my cube anymore, can you test this out for me and see if it works for Ganon? Go to Battlefield (while fighting fox) and get on the ledge and quickly get back on with invincibility frames and reverse jab fox's up? If my reasoning is sound, you shouldn't get hurt even if it makes full contact with Ganon and you should be able to jab him out of his recovery for free.
    I wish I didn't have to spend money on preparing for winter so I could just go blow a few hundred dollars and buy an xbox. Then we could start with the unlimited fun. Also you need to get Tiamat playing again so you have an excuse to play yourself. Seriously.
    venting and whining isn't going to change anything, I needed to finally for once make a decision and stick with it, and that's what I'm gonna do
    Leaving smash is just a consequence of a bunch of **** I didn't deal with when I needed too, maybe I'll come back one day, but I've ****ed up too much this time and smash in nothing put a petty distraction, which takes up a bunch of time which I can't waste
    Haha no, not yet. But I'm working on it..:embarrass

    And yeah, it was fun, we should do that again at Pound V (if I make it there =D).
    Hey man let me have my 1.5 fans I've never met before.
    Not everyone's famous from youtube videos you know.
    Lmao Yo, I'm actually playing with my tech, and I'm HORRIBLE at wavelanding. You're gonna have to reteach me how to do it. =/
    Yeah, the administration on this site has a no tolerance policy for Melee vs Brawl stuff. I dont fully agree with it but I do what I'm told like a blind soldier lol

    someday I'll own this site lol
    not sure how this all started but it's better I close it than to have you guys get infraction points in a social room imo
    it's the best thing ever, flat mountain dew is like drinking the worlds greatest sugary drink.
    Hey, thanks a lot for the offer, Mark. I really appreciate it. I'll take you up on it if I ever can, heh.
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