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  • RENTH V2 is one of my like 7 Halo 3 live accounts.

    and if you think you will destroy me you got another thing coming.
    RENTH V2 .... is that on here, or on xbox live or something, i dont play halo, but me and dustin tie, but i dont play on live, so do i need the name RENTH V2?
    but i need to get my roader first so i can play. see i just bought my laptop yesterday and im waiting for it in the mail, so when i get the laptop ill get the raoder. plus i already have the xbox live card. so i looking forward to it.
    hey this is dustin of course....dylan told me u play halo 3, ur like rank 46? well anyways i want to face u at it. just to let u know good luck when u face me =)
    thx for that lol i hate brawl so much, and i thought u swutched bcuz earlier u said u play both
    hey btw me and dustin are ALL melee we hate brawl with a passion dude no joke, only melee
    great, i guess, about the housing not the rides not being hard, im trying to think of people i know in PA, or something, dang we want to play u tho lol
    Finding rides isn't easy what so ever. Believe me, I can barely get to pittsburgh and it's about 2 hours from me. In all seriousness my house is open to anyone willing to play smash.
    yah i want to mm, but were in indiana, far away from u =( , lol find a ride here lol jk unless u really can lol
    Haha, I'm sure you can learn a lot from playing my Ganon. Chaddd and Linguini both at one point said I was an inspiration to them when they were learning Ganon. Today they're both really close friends and are amazing at the game.

    Wanna get more excited? want to MM?
    hey dude were real excited, me playing u might be the first time i lose, and definitly the first to another ganon, after i hit prime, dustin beat me a few times in the begining, but now im really good =), we dont have a drivers licence yet, because im still 15, but dustins getting one soon hes 16
    oh yea in indiana we're putting together a tourney, if u wanna come and ur driving brings some friends, we dont know for sure when the tourney is going to happen yet, but we'll let u know as soon as possible.
    that's awesome dude thx. whenever we get our driver's licences we'll come down there for a few days to own u =) jk, jason_voorhese329 wants to ditto u for real, this name is dylan btw and im dustin.
    hey this is jason_voorhese329's friend...sup dude. ive seen what u can do. ur like a god dude.
    hey join my social group - Ganondorfs of America (melee) this means u renth and i guess in ganon players (melee) in america
    im going to play some tourneys here in indy, and ill try to record some freindlys, and ill post them on youtube, add me (southpawpwnage) ive talked to u b4, anyways when i post them have a look for me and give some advice thx, ill tell u when i post them.
    i never hold diagonal when i wave land EVER it's always straight left or straight right homie and yeah i play both melee and brawl
    i never hold diagonal when i wave land (EVER) it's always straight left or straight right homie and yeah i play both melee and brawl
    renth add me on youtube, ive talked to u b4 - southpawpwnage
    hey man i found a nice waveland thingy, with ganon sh-and hold back on the anolog stick, not diagonal just back, and then time ur waveland, like this i got accros final destination in 3 wavelands =)
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