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Alex Strife
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  • Hey, me and my brother are here in the US on holiday, we didn't bring our controllers but we'd like to come, will there be any spares availiable for friendlies? Also is there disabled access to the venue?
    Hi alex, im new to smashboards and my friend and i have been planning on going to Zenith but we didnt see the deadline for the registration. I emailed you but you didnt respond. If there is any way we can still enter melee singles and doubles and pm singles and doubles can u please let me know because this would be our first tournament.
    Hey alex, I just moved to Brooklyn and learned about Zenith being here! Is there any way I can still register, I know I'm a bit late.
    hey Alex I had a few questions about the hotel at apex 2014, is it ok to ask here or somewhere else? Im in the facebook smash uk group under liam cyrus
    Alex Strife
    Alex Strife
    if you emailed us at apex.series@gmail.com I answered it :D
    Your website is not working, which is bad since I want to register but can't. Please advise! Thanks.
    Alex Strife
    Alex Strife
    oyIt does DDOS from time to time but check in a bit and it should work
    so, there's not a rule-set out for APEX 2014. What do I need to run next month? Let me know asap so I can get my thread up This Thursday, the 22nd!
    Also I don't see point distribution stuff anywhere, should I just ignore that for now and just say that will be handled on Apex's end?
    Not sure if this is the proper way to let you know, but I can bring 2 P:M setups and possibly a 64 setup. I'll let you know tomorrow for sure.
    In my opinion, the bracket pool system was nice albeit rushed. My only possible change would be to make it so melee or brawl pools could happen on friday so one day can concentrate on melee and the other on brawl. Then maybe more could get out and it can be seeded properly. I would also potentially change it to top 32 with top 8 getting out, then it could be seeded 1-8 which would make brackets hella easier.
    Hey Alex, a situation has come up, and it no longer allows me to attend Apex. Is there a way I can get a refund for my entry fee and whatnot? It can be considered more of an extreme family circumstance if you only can give out refunds on an extreme basis. Please let me know.

    Thank you,

    im trying to log in so i can pay for my friend __X__'s doubles entry fee
    but i still cannot log in and ive already reset my password
    is it down or something?
    yo alex strife, i'm trying to register, but my google account is conected to my school, and it doesn't have google wallet allowed for whatever reason. Is there any work around for this?

    edit: never mind, i was able to create a new account to use it. i'm set. when do we need to know our team partner?
    Hello there! Just curious as to where I can find how many registered? Just curious haha and will be fun to check it in upcoming days. :o
    It seems that my melee singles entry and my smash 64 entry were removed as well. Should I re-register?
    sorry, I want to remove my brawl singles entry from Apex, only the Melee singles, Melee doubles, and smash 64 singles
    Okay I was just curious because I wanted to try and have 1 set up for the SD remix mod for melee. So I thought id talk to you about it
    hey do you plan on having a couple stations dedicated to PM at APEX on day 3 or anything?
    Just making sure...But I won't be up till Friday 6-7 PM. I won't miss Brawl 1v1/2v2's/pools correct...? Every other year I've worked the Friday and drove up and missed neither of those events. I just want clarification on a schedule since I'll definitely be there all day Saturday/Sunday and Friday night.

    Apex has never had Brawl stuff Friday (Outside of Allbrawl), but can you confirm this Alex?
    sounds good. If it was just Boom doing stuff, it would be boring. Support your viewpoint

    Another thing, you should probably post this in the thread. You never made clear how many matches would be streamed;)
    just to wonder, if smash 64 would be streamed: Would it just be grand finals or would it be Winner's finals (and potentially otherwise?)
    Yo Alex it's lefty, I love that icon of Simone you have. I can't make it this Apex cuz I'm upstate in school and due to them having trimesters classes start Jan. 7th. I'll deff be supporting the stream, see you at ROM hopefully.
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