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  • hey dude we need to catch up sometime. I have a new place in Pittsburgh. Ive gone through a few phones so i dont have your number anymore. I'm having a bday party on the 6th and 7th youre invited to.
    Alright then. Maybe u can go to Apex 2014 so we can play each other.

    You don't have to play, just at least I know you won't be gone completely.

    Also, if i can, i would like to buy some of your works!

    Until then, Good Luck in the future with your art career. And, Myself and the Other Luigis will carry out ur legacy
    Vudujin, good luck in art. I will be honored to continue under you and carry the torch.

    Will Apex 2014 be ur last tournament? If it is, id be grateful if I were to play u.

    One more thing: will u quit smash entirely or still linger around the community?
    If I have the opportunity outside of personal work I may, but I'm pretty much done. Big House 3 and Carrollfest 4 are gonna be my last attendances for the year. I may show up at nationals to sell sculptures and play friendlies. I'm very passionate about my personal work, and I can't let this momentum that I have go to waste.
    WHy are u quiitting? WHYY! DONT!
    A video game is a video game, but art is my life. It's something that has to happen. Carry the torch for me, bud.
    Are you going to the next nojohns?
    Possibly, I have a really tight work schedule, so it's hard for me to get weekends off. I'll see what I can do though.
    Give me a call when you get a chance, I wanna catch up and try to make some plans to hang out soon. Also, was wondering if you guys have anymore apex room or if that boat has sailed.
    hey, i know you are busy, but i want to talk to you asap. track me down: skype: progducto facebook:4iamscience or whatever.
    Vudujin, i am a luigi player from Louisville, Kentucky seeking advice. Big fan of your play style btw. Could i just ask you for some practice techniques that you use when you just have yourself and no one to fight against? Nothing in particular just some ways to make luigi more fluent and polished.
    Gah.. My bad brooo we never did our teams. Next time we'll slide all over some kids.
    When are you in austin until? I assume you are already back in pittsburgh but if you are in texas a bit longer a friend and i were gonna visit you <33
    I called the venue in Etna today, and sadly both days are already booked :3. Your going to have to go with another option.
    Yay, lol. That's great to hear

    i would be down to buy it tbh, regardless of how expensive it is

    i'll probably give a smasher in my region the money and he'll use his paypal or something

    also do you know who jack of blades it? he's from fable for the xbox

    there are a lot i'd be potentially interested in buying..
    I'm currently overseas but I'm gona add you as a friend if that's cool so I can look you up when I get back to the states. Definitely would like having some stuff made. Thanks.
    I actually just posted it in there. It should be on the last page. If you want to see anymore examples just watch my recoveries in vids.
    Vudujin i sent you a request for midwest melee circuit I figure for where i will do my circuit you can hold a tournament in it even tho you arnt technically midwest But people will still come you down to have a event next Semester?
    Asking for permission after already doing it... I SEE HOW IT IS :mad088::mad088::mad088:!!!

    ofc it's cool, I'll see if there's anyway I can make it out for it, I miss Pittsburgh & Ohio folks.
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