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  • Yeah man, we definatly are going to bring at least one setup. You should try and bring one too so maybe we can run the whole melee tournament on regular tvs. I hate playing the HD tv's lol. But yeah were gonna bring one. Also, i am looking forward to playing all of your characters as well. I feel like my bro and i have made significant improvements in our games so it should be interesting. What time do u plan on getting there tomorrow? Il try and get there at a similar time so we can get some good practice in. No skype here tho. My phone number is 5023560011 if u ever text
    Hey, we should try to bring in a TV for friendlies this sat, If you cant, I can try. Im tired of sitting around and watching brawl slowly play itself out for 3 hours before we can even use a TV. And sorry I didn't get your message earlier. I would actually really like to get together with the local melee crew so we can all improve. Any weekend would be fine really. Do you or your brother have skype btw? it is my main method of communication next to my phone.

    I am also looking forward to trying out my improved captain falcon vs your luigi and Kelly's Doctor mario :) And my friend patrick and I would be glad to get together and play melee whenever possible.
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