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  • Hey man, yea I remember you! It was quite a while ago haha. I appreciate the compliment, cause honestly i still have a ways to go lol >_<. For sure it'd be cool to see you again this weekend :)
    Yeah, I'm back in Pitt. I'll be down this Thanksgiving though. Would you still be down there then?
    I'm sorry to hear that, hyung. :c

    Yes! Will, Kishiru, and Karasu-hyung among others. Athena-nuna, too! You should come by and say hello sometime. ^^
    Yeah, it has been a while! What've you been up to? I'm still doing the whole community college shindig up here in dallas.
    Why, thank you. <3 Not a lot of people can be that classy while still in lingerie.
    And you have the most adorbs avatar. =~)
    hahahahha! sorry bro, i got a phone call then fell asleep. i'll comment right now, just finished watching
    Hey man, I'm not entirely sure if I can make to the tourney tomorrow. Stuff came up. I'll let you know tomorrow.
    well my excuse is that Ga In was the first female I went crazy over

    which isn't a very good one
    its a curse that comes with posting in the kpop thread

    after finding out victra was a guy I stopped hoping
    I don't think it's supposed to have meaning

    just there to be cutesy
    Oh yeah, Epik High was my first Korean group I ever listened to and coincidentally my favorite.


    korean women are pretty good lolll
    haven't really been keeping up with kpop and I never kept up with alliskpop so I was always behind with news and stuff

    on top of that I never really looked up info like everyone else on the members of groups outside the ones that really caught my attention
    oh that's awesome, I guess I might try crawling back into the Kpop thread

    I feel so out of place there now

    I've seen your posts a lot lately

    just wanted to say hi lolol
    LMFAO. i read your post before and i was going to reply once i got onto my laptop...then i see you edited to that.

    and then i lost.
    Yup! Virgilijus is the man you want. Send him a PM with "Premium Namechange" as the title and then what you want your name to be changed to in the body.
    haha im sorry! Been pretty busy with homework and stuff. I only managed to procrastinate from time to time XD

    oh that's cool! Marble sculpting seems really difficult xD

    YES. You're lucky! It's been down for about half a year because of copyright laws XD It only recently came back up.

    I'm not sure actually, I've heard of her but i've never listened to her much.
    hey sorry for not replying earlier! xD

    haha dude that's awesome. And so it kpop obsession begins =p What are you taking in college?

    yeah i saw your posts there! Glad to see you found the thread! XD I should have linked you to save you some time haha.

    yeah, really sorry for not replying sooner! Yeah seems like you got your premie. If you want a name change just PM one of the admins and they should be able to do it for ya. =p
    bwahaha. Thats sweet! Have you checked out the kpop thread? =p

    haha oh don't worry. I wont tell anyone you're a closet kpop lover ^^
    hey =p

    yeah haha i plan on getting around to it once i get enough recorded matches =p haha thanks! I like it a lot too.

    its actually Katy Perry XD I like yours a lot too! Is that Sunny?
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