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  • okay. Where at? I get off work at around 5 and I got to take care of somethings after. You can call me.
    yeah a little bit of melee is fine. I'd rather play more brawl this time around though.
    bad news from my end, well after talkin to people for the past two weekends i cant get a ride. basically no one has a problem with you they said you where cool, they just dont wanna pay 10 venue fee. so unless things change this week i dont have a ride there lol. so i guess cancel or take the money from the randoms from youngstown in tourney lol
    hey ya i can do that but not sure when ill have time but ill let u kn hn i get a chance
    its fine i dont need to be paid. ive learned a while ago its just how lain is, so im used to it. really people are gonna complain about anything, they're just no used to 10 venue fess is all, so there vocal about it.
    send me a pm with the venue detailsm you know address etc and ill throw it up.

    also if u could get a pic of inside the venue up that be even better
    i dunno well have to talk to the owner tomorrow or even sometime before the april event and b/c there is such a large notice we can prob talk him into letting us stay there til at least like 11 or 12 probably
    I don't have a cell phone, but, if you really need a number you can call my house phone.

    216 - 321 -6353, just ask for Owen if someone else picks up the phone (and it's not me).
    lol, other people bringing setups? The last 50 million tournaments I went to, Slarti and I were the only ones that had setups.

    It would be nice if that could happen. I want to see the guy that plays online who posted out of nowhere, if nobody else. Someone actually good at 64.. it would be a change.
    Of course, he didn't tell me anything about how he was getting back or if he found a ride back, since I wasn't concerned about Sunday.

    Now, I suddenly am. Excellent.

    I'll see what I can do with plans. I'm not in contact with any of the people he is, though.
    I'm not, no. Blue Rogue might be, depending on whether or not he has a ride back from the Brawlers.

    Unless the 64 tournament is Sunday (which would suck) then Slarti and I were just gonna be up there today.

    I could only spend the night if I had a ride back, but I never arranged anything like that because it wasn't my original plan.
    So yeah, doesn't seem like anyone else is going to pick me up really so I'll take you up on the offer. About how much would the gas money be? $2.00 amirite? Also, about what time would you be picking me up on Sunday? (Not going Saturday just to clarify).

    Let me know asap. Will give you my address once things are settled and such.
    =/ Going to a tourney in Ohio in the middle of April is gonna be really rough :(. Thanks for the invite though I appreciate it ;)
    Oh im not sure Im just assuming and I get home friday later so I didnt know what time you where leaving
    If there isnt a step yo game up Cleveland I might be able to tag along with you guys if you have space since Im itching for a brawl tounry
    oh thats ok, im 50-50 right now ill let you you know tommrow

    i might have to work friday, so im not sure yet
    Hey how much are you charging for gas to rom and where are you staying.

    cause my events pretty much canceled and id like to try an all melee tourney for once. if its affordable id like to come
    o ya hey if u need help running the melee portion of kuntasm i can help out if u need help
    thats fine by me just let me know the date and we can get this thing setup... now all i need to do is start going to some bigger tournaments haha so i can help rep midwest..and by that i mean fail completely but get better doing so haha
    No it doesnt cost anything because we know the owner and he wouldnt make you pay either, but the venue fee is just there so he gets something and sometimes for pizza because pizza is delicious

    and ya just let me know when and ill give the owner some heads up
    If it is on Sunday, that is a possibility! I definitely don't feel like driving, but if someone is carting people up there I'd be happy to do so.
    Am unable to. Not only is it Thanksgiving weekend (family stuff) but there's a lil tournament in IN that isn't far away that I'd head to first, since it is only about an hour away. :(
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